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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Doubters form a line...

Just a quick note to say I may be down, but not out. Our guests are arriving any minute and will be here until Wednesday a.m. - morning of said birthday for which I am presumably making up to 27,000 gifts for. Don't count me over, yet. After all, they ARE staying in a hotel, which leaves overnight late night knitting, needle felting and sewing time, provided I don't spill too much rum in the blender and end up sprawled out on the kitchen tile. Whoever said pina colada in thier comments - THANK YOU! I'm so much cooler, now.

Only the lack of searing heat has not helped the apparent heat-instilled brain damage I have suffered because swept up in a fit of I CAN DO IT foolishness, I challenged a fellow blogger in a sweater making contest! Prohibition, indeed!

Oh, in my spare time (meaning when I wasn't splattering the new white cabinets beneath my sink with my forehead screaming "What's the matter with me, am I stupid or what?") I've updated the farm store so, please, if you're not already running from me in hopes of avoiding my plague, stop in and tell me what you think. Also, we're on Etsy, now! Check us out before the kids take us to the local mental institution and collect their 25.00 for excellence in civic duty.