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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bloody Black Friday

Whilst some may be drunk on holiday cheer and ready to embark, with vigor, on a xmas shopping frenzy that will rival some of the most competitive sports ever viewed on a Saturday afternoon television over the bar - I am soberly realizing that some of Santa's elves clearly played a trick on me and 'ammended' my knit-gift list from some practical wishing to 'I'll sleep in January'. Could it have been ME that thought I could make three sweathers, a plethora of mittens, hats, and things to tie around someone's neck (I mean, scarves)?

No, this level of madness can only be the result of waking yesterday to face, right off, a naked bird that needed me to squish wet stuff into it's cavity....pass the coffee. The rest of the day was a drab blur of me standing at a counter, table, any unused surface stirring any bowl with any wooden spoon I could retrieve from a toybox (ya'll, they used them as wands, daggers, pointers, kites, you name it!). Thanksfullgivingly, it was glossy and cloudy with a pitcher of pina coladas shared with hubster (cuz, we're denying that it will maybe be a really freaking cold winter)and a glass of wine with the turkey I roasted. No pictures, though, because when the last dish came out of the oven, it was almost sunset and, besides, the hogs came rambling to the trough and all that remained was a 1.5 hr. dishwashing job later. Okay, here's where I take the winning stretch and feel REALLY EFFING THANKFUL, it was not my wash job....my little told secret because otherwise ya'll would never sympathize with ME when he's doing the other 999 things that make me want to kill him - but I have a hubster who does dishes....he he he. Course, he was feeling kinda grateful that I'd spent my whole day cooking the following and still wasn't too uncivilized to laugh when Thing 2 walked in the room, in character, which is to say he was his band of crazies who do everything opposite, and said, "It's Thanks-taking and we haven't even scouted out any houses to take from". Then, I got bact in my chair and ate, like everyone else.

THE MENU (aka I made all this and no one got hurt)
roast turkey stuffed with cornbread stuffing
mashed potatoes with gravy
baked corn
green bean casserole
home-made cranberry sauce
home-made dinner rolls
sweet bread rolls (for breakfast in the morning when I will be allergic to cooking)
pumpkin pie
pecan pie