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Thursday, November 16, 2006

If I had a boat....

Apparently, this rain will, indeed, keep up forever. I know it is boring to complain about the weather but, honestly people - one afternoon this week has it not been wet and so gray the solar panels just laugh and turn themselves off. I'm beginning to be alarmed when I realize that I am dry...the panic before the inevitable trip to the storage, the barn, the anywhere to get all drippy, again. You could say that this is a perfect time to knit like a mad woman. Great. I am a mad woman and I have been doing much knitting. But, seeing as how I live on a dirt road and am being gifted with a second season of mud and long walks in the puddles, I am sour about it. Also, i had much to put on the farm blog but I can't get any pictures to save my life. Ah well, there is always next week, when it will likely get frigid and wild and dump a load of white stuff everywhere. I want my summer back!

I did finish a sweater that I'm making as a gift. I'm not taunting you. I would love to show you but, I am apparently living in the land of NO SUN so it is impossible. But, I am thrilled about it. It is the first sweater I've ever made entirely from my own handspun yarn. Wait, that's not right. The coat was my first all spun - this is the first time I'm using handspun singles, cuz, you know I'm out to prove it makes a softer, more friendly garment. Blah blah blah...I don't want to tell you about it until I can show it to you....if anyone sings the sun will come out tomorrow to me, they will be punished and heavily taxed! Now, I'm off to finish the colourwork on sweater 2 (the 2nd on my list of three - heh! with optimism like this, I may be hit by lightning!) which is a Weasley sweater that i have mutilated. I looked at the pattern over coffee. Thought about it for two days, then tore out the essential parts and made up one I could understand - you know, one you might find in a book titled "knitting made easy for the inner monkey in you". oohh ooh oh aaaaa. No sickos, that was not what you think it was, it was a monkey sound.