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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Put a Fork In It

thing 2's coatWith great sigh and enthusiasm for returning, one again, to my previously scheduled knitting, the coat for little thing 2 is finally done. You learn much about yourself parenting but the glaring truth lies in the knitter you are (or aren't as some of you may be thinking). For instance, if you are brave in your parenting, ignoring the norms when you think it necessary - you are devoted. If you are unable to read a pattern or follow it for any noticeable distance in knitting - you are either a fool or a relentless rebel. Thus, there was no pattern for the coat. It was based off of a 'favorite sweater'. You may have noticed, in posts past, that my dear hubster seems to have rubbed off on this child. They find something they like, they wear it out completely, and then NOTHING will ever meet up to that beloved red sock, red sweater, etc. I may have overcome this curse this time, though, because thing 2 loves his warm, bulky knit (every inch from my own handspun yarns), fleece-lined poncho. I confess that, in my delirium of 'finishing a project insanity', I forgot to look for the 'right' buttons. I put these on as a 'temp' and will find the poor creature some better buttons once I'm over my rage. What is it about me? I'm good at starting things but by the time I get near the end, around the trim, I just become plain hostile. On account of my aversion to long-term committment, I am moving on to work on a VEST (see here, no sleeves)that is on my xmas list. Thing 2? He's dashed out to play and I guess I was a little silly to worry if it would be warm enough for our Maine winters (truth: I was so I double lined the chest and back) since he had sweat on his brow when I last saw him.