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Friday, December 01, 2006

Knit for the Kidlets

A very primitive form of blog for logging participants can now be found here . A heartfelt 'thank you' for the emails and comments I've gotten already and, please help me get the word out.

Now, I had all manner of homespun yarns and feats I have accomplished toward that dreaded beast - the Christmas knitting - but as i seem to have incurred the wrath of many weather controlling gods - there is still no sun here. I expect, any day now, that a band of pent-up off-gridders will be chasing the weatherman (oh, well, for the sake of cheap thrills, let's say their chasing him in some embarassing form of clothing) down the street. Course, it really isn't his fault but - what? Didn't I move far enough away from Seattle? Seattle. Love the people, but felt like slimy pond scum after 300 days of gray, drizzle, gray again.