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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life on the Run

Basilha ha ha. I realized after I typed the title in that some of you might be worrying I've gone on with the plan for bonkersville and am remotely posting from some cheesy seaside motel on the southern route. Non, I'm speaking of the runaway bunny, Basil- who seems to have recently been elected King of our little mansion. I'm surprised at how much I love having a bunny pet. I mean, first of all I have to confess that I absolutely gag at the smell of bunny urine - that should make cage cleaning this afternoon fall under my new diet plan. Fortunately, he's pretty good about not peeing anywhere when he's out of his cage - though I watch him pretty close because, as you all know, I am half-cooked on the brain side and splashed with a good glump of pecimistic warbling as well. The velvet yoga mat (you can see one fin of the silver mermaids that I appliqued on the top) is being removed from the Holy Highness' posession today - as he seems to want to make it 'his' by spitting on it and then pooping on it - like a last parting word of argument from the pet who cannot bark. Instead, I'm going to sew him a canvas (uh, washable) hammock for resting in when he's not behind bars. Oh, doth he work the guilt trip when all my daily tasks (from, say 9am to 3 pm) are in full swing and I can't watch him so I put him up. He rolls into the side of the cage, bangs against it, beat the living crap out of his food dish, and then goes to sleep. It reminds me of nap times when things 1, 2, and 3 were little enough for me to force them to take one. Those were the days.

Liz had just the right idea for these 'bluey' feelings that have been driving me mad, lately, a new project. Unfortunately, I am not so disciplined as to designate a project, finish it, and then move on. This must mean I got a real heavy dose of the blues. The blanket for my monstrous bed (feels so much smaller when you are sleeping next to a long, lanky person than when you are making something stitch by stitch to cover it) is almost as wide as it needs to be and needs another 2-3 ft in length. This is good as it was definitely NOT on the project priority list. The mermaid sweater I started is half done in the basket and thing 2 is sorry that his mother is such a louse as to start, finish, and tempt him with one very well knit (if I may say so) green sock that longs for a mate. Sometimes, you have to let yourself be de-railed and go with it. This may be the metaphor of my life at the moment and that just frosts me because last week I read my horoscope outlook and it virtually predicted that I would be trying to solve ALL the problems at one time and would, you now, start playing with marbles again. I so despise leaving things unsettled that it has been rumored that I will 'haunt' people until all is well, again. When will I learn? Now, almost a month later, things are still unorganized, the THINGS are still not cleaning their rooms without me having to tell them, and hubster just answered 'uh' when I asked him what he's done around the house and yard in the last few weeks. Course, he does chop the wood, work outside all day, etc. - so it is not like I have a couch potato - quite the opposite. So, before I can have my needs even given a nod to, much less realized, I have to go rally everyone else, again, and clean up the mess myself. Sheesh!

Before I stop whining and you start throwing rotted fruit at me - the Knit for Kidlets is almost wrapped up. Go check out the last post. The day is half done.....three hours and ten minutes to knitting/crochet time.