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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lying liars and the lies they tell

A quick update..I am apparently unable to read numbers. The more intelligent readers of the blog have noticed that I, the local village idgut, cannot tell the difference between 6-7" of snow and a foot. Forgive me, my eyes are crossed and I am looking for sympathy wherever I can get it.

The lambs are doing great, though, and, yes, it is true that they like to come in
'batches'. I mean, all at once would be a nightmare. What is also true is that they look for the coldest, wettest day to birth and seem to be partial to the open window with snow pouring in instead of a warm nook packed with dry straw. Go figure. I'm off to eat, bathe, and stretch my grouchy self out on that nearly unused piece of furniture I call a bed. For sleep, perves!

Did I mention there has been knitting? I had to make myself a new hat yesterday because the little ram grew fond on my stretched out floppy tam and when I threw it off because it was fogging up my glasses, he quickly laid down on it, with all his birth smelling stuff still on him, and made comfortable waiting for me to finish cleaning his cuzzin off and come for him. My old hat is very aromatic. I don't like aromatic hats.