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Friday, February 09, 2007

Apples for lunch

I was going to post, to take pics of my works in progress, to try to veer away from the feminist trickle (okay, it is a raging waterfall - what?) of angst and rage at the penis-wearers of the world that has dominated my posts of late (with emphasis on really only one said wearer) but, instead, I was lured into the 'new' blogger. Ugh, my time is up after the switching (pain, anyone?) and I am off to make lunch for the kiddos. Myself, I am eyeing the large bag of apples and wondering, what if SHE had just saved the succulent apple secrets and let HIM continue to waltz around, naked, making a fool of himself? More tomorrow, knitting content assured, hostile woman content will be strictly discouraged....let's see how I do.