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Thursday, February 15, 2007

No VD in our house!

Thankfully, I live with a group of slightly sarcastic, obsessively witty and VD-free people. We celebrated the holiday of love by weathering the blizzard (uh, is good ole Mudder Nature trying to make a point by sending the blizzard of the year - hope, hope, hope, - on Valentine's day?) making a cholocate cake with the THINGS, and trying to stay warm. Today, because hubster is now in the loving holiday spirit, he will do some laundry in town for me before he comes home today. This weekend, he will help me in the barn (setting up for shearing) and that is about all the excitement I need. We use to try the flowers thing. WEll, only once, really. He brought home a rose in a storm ( see pattern) but the neighbor lady popped in with Valentine's for the things so he had to park on the road. Carrying in all that stuff with a blizzard blowing at his back made him drop the rose. The neighbor backed over it while getting her car out of our snow filled drive. He found it while shovelling. He brought it in, flattened to smithereens and a black tire track marring the clear and red celophane wrapper. We laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. It would be hard to top that - so we dropped the flowers. Chocolate is mandatory to prove your love at least once a week in my house so it is a moot point while it is over-packaged and ridiculously expensive. GOOD DEEDS, though, they are what make me smile when I look at the man and woman behind this awesome family. It has been a long, rough winter, but the peace and friendship abound last evening was more than any card, candy, or fruity flower could provide.

Ahhh. Now, if only I could unfreeze my fingers and knit a bit.....