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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Uncle, already!

Picture this. It is not Sunday afternoon. Non, it is Friday afternoon. I just want you to know this because that is when I was supposed to log on and let ya'll know that I was 1)still fighting off the COLD FROM HELL that the Things all had and 2)in addition to taking my Vitamins, drinking many cups of yummy herbal teas, and being an honorary citizen - I spent my time finishing up those 'should have been x-mas' presents for our friends which we were supposed to get together with last week but she had family in town. hb's sexy mama vestMind you, that was a re-scheduling of a re-scheduling because we have both either had sick kiddos, cars on the break, or family issues to deal with. I wanted to show you the sexy mama vest I knit her from that awesome Gypsy spirit issue of Vogue (forgive me for not knowing the details on the exact issue). The pic sucks but if you read on - I think you'll decide I should be pardoned for my photo-taking con head injury skills. thing 1's witchy witch hat and wrist warmersThe bottom is a purple blue beaded handspun separated at the waist by a glittery rose alpaca and the top is my purple 'monster mash' mix. Overall, I think she'll be smashing in it. Then, her thing 1 gets a witchy witch hat in her favorite colors with some fuzzy wrist warmers to go with. Her little Thing 2 is a sprity Taurus so earth colors mixed with some wild and crazy sari silk yarn and softened up with a pink boa that says,thing 2's spicy hat and warmers 'yes, I'm really this cute for a living' was definitely a satisfying knit. When my Things 1,2, and 3 saw it they all said, oh -perfect! So, I wasn't so hurt when Thing 1 noticed the puckering around our little China Cat's sweater decal. There's nothing for it. This kid is growing so fast that if I flounder and ribbit, she'll be using it as a pillow instead of a shirt. thing 3's china cat sweater Still, she's a cute enough kid that even if the kitty is slightly puckered, it won't be a big deal.
Also, there was another hat for me because, well, because I don't have one this color.a blue hat
But, as you well know, it is not Friday. Not the day I wanted to show off my 'mermaid' hat (and warn my dear Rabbitch that a finishing the mermaid sweater streak had hit me hard and I was on the home stretch). Friday morning, Thing 2 practically begged me to let him go out and do the animal chores 'all by himself'. He's 11. And, apparently, this is the age when young men begin to try to show their fathers that they are extremely capable (and desperately interested in everything Dad is doing) and should be adopted as a right hand man. It was important to him. I know, I know, he's had a wicked cold and was just getting better. I also know that this is a big job. But, he begged. He made a plan, he tried his little heart out. But, alas, a freak accident (hi, me again) and the latch on one of the bunny hutches just snapped. No worries, over-protective mom was watching at the window and donned her gear and ran out to help. Only, it was real sunny like and icy and she was running down the hill and failed to notice that a piece of plywood laid over one bunny's roof to add extra shade had been blown over by the wind and - SMACK - right in the forehead. Hey, are we having a solar eclipse, here? Why else would I be seeing stars in a dark night sky where there was such blazing sunlight only moments before? And, how come I can see my forehead without looking too hard? So, it got an ice pack, accepted momentary defeat, and took a little rest and let the kid do his work. About two hours later, I started sneezing. Hour 3, the fever. Hour 5, some reall impressive cramps (cuz Mudder Nature thinks I have a real sense of humor) and by Friday night, I was just a great ball of pain and sorrow. Uncle, Uncle! Hubster ordered me to stay in bed on Saturday. Partly, I will always believe, to avert any more ridiculous disasters and keep me from harming myself via my inherent stupidity. There was nothing for it. Just me, some lemon tea, and tylenol. In bed. All day. No knitting. mermaid sweater That is why I jumped out of bed this morning and finished this sucker right away. I had to stare at it for two days first, so I had real inspiration for sewing her up in a jiffy. No pattern, no reason, just a little bit stolen from the 'Big Girl Knits' book and some math because I wasn't sure I'd be tortured enough in the realm of reality. Huh! Next time I'll know.

Hey, last week when everyone else was sick there were cough drops, there were tissues, there was hearty soup every night, there was ice cream for smile therapy....Uh, where did it all go?