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Friday, April 13, 2007

Near Complete Knittal Assimilation

The title indicates I am still well in touch with my Texas (bullsh*t and tall tales) roots - even if I am sulking under yet another whooping of snow - our 3rd in April. I love Maine and I even love her sometimes brutal winters. But, spring, may just be a pretty time for those who don't find continuous peltings of wet, drippy, heavy snow and squishy mud to suit their fancy. We get the gorgeous fire swath (minus actual fire, of course) in our fall forests, the tranquil winters unter snow-laden pines, and the mystical breezes of summer shimmering off a river or beach. But, spring? We just get treated like a cat box. Okay, enough whining and onto my accomplishment.
kid 3 knits, too!
What you see, here, is NOT just any ole terribly cute kid learning to knit. In his REAL life, he is a super hero, hence the fancy wizard's cape I made him for his birthday last year which he uses to help him concentrate on things - since concentration is a challenge as he is usually more energetic than even his favorite monkey - Curious George. We were discussing wrapping up our Dulaan comittments soon and he decided he is FINALLY ready to sit still and LEARN HOW TO KNIT. Ya'll, there are five people in this house. One of them is a total knit freak, two of them have been coached, tempted with gifts of yarn and needles, and flat out forced to knit. Okay, maybe not forced but strongly encouraged. They like it. Thing 1 has knit her own skirt and is finishing a tank to match out of cotton and her own brain - no pattern (see, I do some things right) and is working on a shrug from yarn I forced on her for her birthday. Thing 2 is a knitting art person - and his knitting is really good. He knit a bag for his sis at the winter holiday out of handspun yarn - she loves it. But, thing 3 has run from me and 'lost' yarn I have given him. I was starting to worry. I mean, he was the kid that went without oxygen for a few precious minutes longer than the others after birth. And, he does look much more like his father....could it be that he won't knit? AHHHH! Shudder the thoughts. But, cool as a cucumber, he piped in, "yeah, I think I want to knit something".

I may not be bright, or really even quick, but I know opportunity. Course, I know it well because it leaves me so often - but not this time. Within a half hour, I had a cool 'metal-looking' gray tweed and some circs and cast the boy on for a roll brim hat - what could be easier? We tried a scarf a few months ago - it didn't really go so well. Turns out, he loves knitting around and around because he doesn't have to turn the work. People, what I am trying to say is that I have assimilated ALL THREE THINGS. Hubster could prove to be more of a challenge, but maybe not. I have witnessed him, lately, pronouncing his attraction to yarn while actually touching it(this means his senses are awakening). Also, whilst watching me spin a few days ago, he glanced at the bobbin and said, "oooh, I like that" before resuming his original intent of discussion. Could it be - that I will taint them All?

It's Friday the 13th....we have had almost3 feet of snow in freakin' April and are expecting YET ANOTHER storm early next week (I love you Mother - please send sun), and all seems chaos and ambition.... anything could happen!