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Friday, May 04, 2007

Let me stand next to your FIRE!

gypsy peddlar shawlWhat did I tell you? I'm like the Professor Trelawney of the knit world. After I abused the ripple shawl by sticking it in the 'I have no plans to finish you' basket, I took it out and ditched the ripples to just make a shawl. Just a shawl. A handspun, hand-knit shawl. It was good, once I got past the navy blue that I seemed to be stuck in whilst stewing on the misfortunes of being one who has an idea that everyone else already had and is foolish enough to announce it to the greater knitter blog world. Pewy, I said, originality is not the important thing - it's the knitting that matters. The world wherein a potpourri of people can unite with string and stick and be kind and generous and.....I told myself it was all silly nonsense to think about 'who thought it first'.

another original ideaBut, you know, I have been keeping a secret. A couple of months ago I 'acquired' a book from the library. No, I didn't steal it, why must people always assume I am so bad? Actually, I WISH I had stolen it - that would be easier to tell than the truth of the matter which will go with me to the grave. Let's just say that two adults were acting like total asinine children and the binding of the book, as well as a few pages, were destroyed. I called the library the next day, fessed up to my crime, and mailed a check to replace the book. Then, because I am cheap and a tree hugger and I couldn't throw it away like they told me to, I taped it together and starting culminating my next sock venture - Turkish sock knitting. The book is called Fancy Feet and it is awesome. It is also out of print so get it while you can. Anyway, turkish socks are: toe up, pointed heel, colorwork bonanza! I started one (photo sucks, sorry) and, because I am a victim of pattern followers syndrome, I started changing the sock for a more comfortable fit. Oh, I worked, I slaved, I tried to think gusset from the bottom. Then, just when I gave up and went back to work it the 'real' way, Wendy posts a pattern for a toe up sock with gussets and good heels and all. Furthermore, she directs me to the genius of the Knitting Fiend who has a sock calculator! Can you believe it? A plethora of information about toe up socks and gussets, and heels, and whatever you need.

the whole shibangWell, it didn't take me long to realize that these are the experts and I happily return to my specialty and knit it their way. Now, I don't want anyone to fall or choke so I will say this slowly, I HAVE FINALLY MANAGED TO DYE, SKEIN, AND POST SOME SOCK YARN AT THE FARM STORE. Really, this time I did. Now, I'm headed out to the dye pots to boil and bubble my next adventurous idea while I throw some color on all this naked yarn.