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Thursday, June 28, 2007

And, yes, the dog did eat my homework....

I would have blogged yesterday but it would seem that Nature had other plans. Here's what happened:

It has been hotter than a whore in church on Sunday here at the farm of Dante's inspiration. Wait, it wasn't just hot. It was really freaking humid as well. For two days prior to now we have had pollution/ozone/you'd be crazy to breath this shit on purpose air throughout the land. I love Boston. I am okay with New York. I think city people are swell. I'd like them all better if they didn't ship their pollution up the coastline to Maine every summer. Just sayin'.

llama bagSo, anyway, I sent the Things out to play in the water and I decided to get some work done....with wool....am I making it clear that the oxygen depletion had already ravaged my few functioning brain cells? Even worse, I went out in the sun without a hat (note that black hair makes this kinda, uh, STUPID). I worked away for some three hours until I thought I'd pass out and then I got on the computer (had to wrestle some things off of it and look really threatening) and got ready to get some work done and then treat myself by posting a blog and reading everyone else's. This was just about the time the thunder began to roll. I should have known something was up because the llama headed for the barn screaming like a danged baby. The other sheep followed, except my very kind and docile ram, Rufus, who got stuck out in the huge rainstorms and scary lightning and thunder that proceeded to take most of the rest of the evening to play out. Power was out all over town and, hence, the Internet was not gonna happen.

I don't know if it was the heat, the frustration of working to put stuff together and post all day in the heat only to be half-done at the end of the day, or just that my inner child needed to remind me that I can still throw a ripe hissy fit but it just seemed to happen. First, the 'f*&(&, this dang Internets isn't working' (stomping off to my room hissing and spitting) which was quickly followed by, yes, actual feet stomping up and down toddler style and...I got sent to my room.flirty dragonSo, I made progress on the llama bag whilst in solitary confinement. One might think I would enjoy it, but I was straining to listen to every word muttered out in the great hall about what to do with the family lunatic which may have been a totally appropriate conversation but one I found disturbing all the same, particularly since I think my fiber/yarn is beginning to get a little forward with me, if you know what I mean. Is it just me, or does this 'dragon' that I'd pulled into roving that morning, look like it's saying, 'Come and get me'?

big skyMy 14 yr. old daughter watched me make a fool of myself with noticeable glee. I'd feel bad if I hadn't to talk her down from the mental edge just a few weeks ago when we had to wait one whole day to go see a movie. Still, I can't help but feel it will come back to haunt me. But, let's not think of such things. Let's look, instead, at a FREAKING FINISHED OBJECT! This shawl was made from an array of my attempts to perfect the 'big sky' colorway. (ahem - this may not be a good day to debate with me whether or not I could have found my inspiration for this colorway in Arizona since Montana is the 'big sky' state. I'm sure Montana has a VERY big sky, but the sky I saw was in Northern Arizona and I don't think Montana owns the description of 'big' or 'sky'. I know plenty of great people in Montana who've been happy to let me hold to my ill-conceived notions and the rest have seen fit to point out my idiocy (daughter included in this one, too) at not realizing my 'mistake'. Really, do I look like someone you want to argue with, today? I'M HOT in the sweaty, angry, need sleep so kill every mosquito in the land way! BZZZZZ,)

wrap pantsThe good news......is the chicks and animals all made it through and I think we only lost one tomato plant. Oh, and the turkeys have asked me to stop publicizing their stupidity as they now believe they are smart. Truth is, they are. I marvel at this bird that, in the first week of life, is like a bad gambling odd. Yet, after they figure out how to eat, drink, and do other necessary bodily functions, they are amazingly hardy! And loud! Also, while in the slammer for crazy foaming at the mouth, I made a pair of wrap pants out of this pretty fabric. I have enough to make a patchwork pair with this and some brown for our late July show, where I get to use my sewing machine voodoo to play dress up. flirty yarn Now, here's where you start to think I am some kind of weirdo, but, this ball of yarn that I dyed up the other day (50 cotton, 50 hemp) literally JUMPED onto the pants and said, 'hey, you, come and get me'. I had to have a cup of coffee in spite of the heat because I am clearly a moron. I'm not sure the coffee helped, though, as I found myself rolling it into a ball (a sure sign you're about to knit it) while drinking it. Hmmm....why are you looking at me like that?