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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If Pride Cometh Before the Fall-Send a Parachute, Quick!

Oh what fun it is when one thinks she has her stuff together and finds out, very nearly too late, that she is a danged fool. All of last week I spent my time doodling around planting a huge garden to feed five people year round and working on pasture management for the sheepies and figuring out that I will macrame my llama a bell necklace and end this game of hide-and-seek once and for all. Hubster was fretful and nervous. I thought it was just due to his crappy work issues but I realize, now, that he was thinking about the Fiber Frolic next weekend and trying to 'help' me get ready without waking the raging lunatic within. Too bad for him, she's alive!

Most of the weekend, I should have been up to my eyeballs in fiber. Packaging, labelling, sorting, pricing, you know - the not fun part. I did do some knitting and finished a vest that is blocking today so you can be sure you will hear from me again before the week is out. Vanity is good insurance, I guess. Anyway, back to the weekend. I should have been working. But, Friday brought a whirlwind of compost matter flying in the air (some good, some really frightening) and I had to give myself the night off, have a Dos Equis (or three) and get my brain to stop making me twitch all over. Saturday? I spent running from my things 1, 2, and 3. They were starting to get a violent, blank stare when they asked if we would be going to see THE MOVIE of their lives. Truth is, we had planned to go and just about 45 minutes before we were heading out the door, Mr. Merlin (the llama) decided that his pasture wasn't as good as what the sheep get (which is freedom because they do not take off like he does and stay gone for hours) so he jumped the fence and headed for the hills. Things 1, 2, and 3 promptly went into total hysteria and I did what any thinking woman would do: 1)had a beer 2) started another batch of yarn dyeing (let's face it - what were the odds we'd find him and still get to the theatre on time?) and 3) grab a can of grain and go looking for him. The children were so much fun to be around that night that I had to lock myself in my bedroom once said escaper was apprehended.

Sunday, I found myself in that hateful process we call waking to the tune of three chanting mongrels (7:00 am on a Sunday - yes they are bold) that they had written down all of the movie times for THAT day. It was practically inevitable and I no longer had the will to resist. So, it was chores all day and a blissful evening of Captain Jack Sparrow. I cannot rightly complain.

Now, a couple of days into the week, I am frantically trying to get everything together and, as I have no movie to hang over their heads, the Things are - as you would imagine - keeping me really busy. I'm off to price and sort and, oh, get about 15 more lbs. of fiber mixed and ready to be carded so I can drop it off at the processor's booth on Saturday. Me? Not doing much....what would that be like?

Are you miffed because I don't have any posts with pics anymore. Truth be told, I have been doing more dyeing and less knitting lately (reasons stated above and pretty constantly for a month or so). But, why should I parade my half-assed knitting before you when it would seem SOME PEOPLE really know how to make my yarn look awesome. I wish I could take the credit and I did love the mermaid yarn but, come on, what were the chances I could ever do something that good with it? Ms. Rabbitch has honored me by using some handspun I forced her to take off my hands to warm hers. alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5072610933474921090" />And the matron of Black Cat Handspun bought some of my mermaid batts eons ago when I could still afford to sell on Fleabay and sent me a pic of her awesome yarn.

Oh, and there's this:

farm-witch --


A lewd street performer

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

I guess if the show's a flop and hubster is soon unemployed (as we think will be the case), there is always a light at the end of my tunnel. Someone better bring and excavator, though, if I am to perform in anything other than a turtleneck.