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Monday, June 11, 2007

When I grow up, I wanna be....

llamaHello, Monday! This post will be brief as I can at least half fool myself into believing that by being brief I will be able to lie with more skill and tenacity than ever before. The show was great - which is the truth part of it. Still, I'm exhausted and the things are as well and the critters are angry and the dog seems to be barking just because she can. So, I'm glad it's over, for now. The things had a blast and, hands down, enjoyed their favorite feature of the Fiber Frolic every year - the llama drill team antics. Here's a pic of a sweet little girl leading her very tall llama over the course. My things led llamas, too, and won t-shirts but the other thinking (presumed) adult didn't take pics and I was, of course, sitting on my arse back at the booth. Still, I was amazed when I saw this tiny girl leading this huge llama around the fairgrounds and he was doing everything she commanded of him. I find it a bit ironic that I am having such difficulty reasoning with my own llama at the moment.

yarnThere was some spinning done, though....this is the 'buttercup' roving I dyed up spun into a dk wgt. 2ply. It is so beautiful. I did some knitting, too, but that must still be packed away in the totes. By the time the show was over on Sunday, I just threw everything in together and said WTF. This morning, when the fan broke (it will only be 80+ here today, surely we don't need a silly fan (urgh) and the llama got himself tangled in some mass of baling twine, etc. and the dog - well, i guess I already mentioned that - and the critters being generally abstinent - I knew this would be an awesome day. I mean, the entire weekend totalled a whopping 7 hrs of sleep and then there was the bat that snuck into a broken screen last night and LANDED ON MY FREAKING HEAD. Is this all making sense? Course not. I will break it down and decipher after much more sleep and a boatload of coffee.

a hookerBut I will leave you with this - my one real 'slip' of the wallet and the Mother of the Year award rolled off my sweaty palms....they finally broke me and I've decided to become a hooker.