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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thank you, may I have another...

You have no idea how hard I had to resist some pathetically dorky reference to the movie "Grease". For some strange reason, it has been in my mind WAY TOO MUCH these last few days. I narrowly escaped calling this post 'Grease Lightning' or something equally corny. It's probably because it is one of those movies that I think my kids should see but they have no interest. I'll have to force it on them via netflix. It's been this way for many movies they rolled their eyes at, refused to watch, then, inevitably, wanted to watch again.

This whole thing started (cuz I'm sure you were dying to know and also would be concerned about my mental health if I didn't go off on some totally unrelated rant from time to time) with 'Sixteen Candles'. See, hubster occasionally makes me wet my pants (from laughter you sickos) with his impersonations of certain Asian themed movies or actors of Asian descent. This is because he is and so his ability to acutely produce the accent or expression of certain scenes has made me laugh too many times. Like, for instance, when I was about 8 months pregnant with thing 2 and had to change midwives at the last of my pregnancy. I was all stressed out, fat, and hot and trying to get ready for my meeting with a new midwife (read - she was really freaking out that day). As I was backing out of the driveway (and after having yelled at him a few times in my explained state of distress), he delivered a perfect rendition of the scene in Karate Kid where Daniel figures out how to do the crane move (standing on one foot on the pier with his other knee bent up to the chest and arms like wings - picture it) on a tree stump that marked our driveway. I had to get out of the car and go inside and get dressed all over again. It is cruel to surprise a woman who has a watermelon on her bladder with a perfect crane move. Especially if you have taken the time to wrap some piece of laundry around your head like a sash. REally, how could you? So, I made them watch Karate Kid. They complained and swore they wouldn't. It was old. It was my generation so it was surely dumb. It was so uncool. They re-checked it from the library and watched it six times. Thing 2 was so into it that he checked out martial arts books at the library for a month straight. Do you think they'd listen to me? Nope.

Then, Sixteen Candles. All for one scene, wherein the exchange student flops from the top bunk upside down and says, "What's happenin', hot stuff?". For years, they (things 1, 2 and 3) didn't understand why I would practically die laughing when their father did this. They said we were dorks. We knew it was true. So, I made them watch it. They watched it three times and have circulated many jokes about it since then. Do they listen, now? Maybe not. We just had to 'make' them watch 'Stand by Me' the other night. The whining. The 'oh, I just know I'll hate this movie'. Even the bringing in the room of library books, notepads and 'something to do since I know I'll be bored to tears watching this awful, old movie' did not stop me making them watch this movie. Of course, they sat perfectly still and drank every bit of it in, forgetting entirely their books, notes, and 'cool' things to do. So, is now a time to give them some 'Grease'exposure? And, um, while we're on q&a - why the heck am I boring you with the movie viewing of our family?

What I was REALLY going to tell you about it that there will be no pics (duh, you say) in this post. We are experiencing a 'recovery' stage of some pretty horrendous storms that hit us over the weekend. There was MUCH lightning, hence the dorky theme song stuck in my head. There was CONSTANT thunder for well over an hour. Their was hail - lots of it - and big! Did I mention that hail on a tin roof kinda sounds like a barrage of gunshots - over and over again? The hail kinda smashed the 'super plastic' on our sky lights and so there was water upstairs....lots of it. Their was unrelenting rain, high winds, tornado activity, and a general sense that maybe god is a man and, therefore, he'd be mighty pissed about some things I've said. Once we came out of our fetal positions and starting thinking, acting, and for jeep's sake - mopping up water, everything got better. Well, I may be being optimistic, here. We're okay, the animals are all okay (interesting note, the turkeys found shelter but a few of them felt safer close to the house so they kicked our super tough and mean cat out from under the porch for the storm - this may sound cruel but if you were in a pen for the first month of your life with a growling cat trying to swipe you out and eat you while no one is looking - it might seem like justice) and the house will be okay again but we will have skylights no more.

We were a little gunshy at it all when, yesterday afternoon, the sky turned really dark gray (optimism!) and the thunder tried hard to scare us up again. This one only lasted long enough to show us that the glue,duct tape, etc. we tried on the skylight wasn't going to hold. Today, we are practicing repentance - just in case it works.