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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Spinster Accidentally Arrives on Time

Fancy that, it being Sunday and there being spinning and me being the spinster - anything can happen...and it most surely will. Our Internet box thingie is on the blink - literally. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just sits there and blinks. We need to call the guys out to fix it up but time and patience are still in short supply around here. Saturday was shearing day - which I got no pics of. That's okay, because my excuses for crappy pics are dwindling fast as we just got ourselves a new camera. see me purple Hubster made me do it after we were getting ready for the fair and he was looking at this mound of purple yarns asking, 'why don't you post any of that in your shop?' I made a hissing noise and then had to explain to him that our camera doesn't do purple. It makes purple black, blue, everything but purple. I was goofing around on the drum carder (getting me arms perked up for some orders I've got to get done this week) and just started throwing glitz (which old camera also seemed to 'ignore') some silk, some purple, some blue - basically, I was daring this new camera not to work well. But, ya'll, I have purple, now! And glitz. You know how people who buy my stuff say things (more politely, of course) like, "holy crap, this woman is a doof with the camera" or "this stuff doesn't look anything like the crap in her pics, I really like it"? They, obviously, did not have cameras with allergies to purple and snobbish avoidance of anything flashy.

winky sockWinky sock #1 is done and sits leisurely resting on some pumpkin juice batts. She's all tired out because I needed to 'test' all the cameras before I picked one so I kept throwing her onto the counter and explaining to the sales people at various stores (who were, of course, backing away and calling the van with quilted walls) that I wouldn't even consider a camera that didn't pick up each color in the sock. Most of the sales people were nice. Only one of them said, 'geez, what color isn't in that thing?'. We did not get our camera there. I would never spend my hard earned money at a place where people do not understand the delicate psyche of a hand-knit sock. There will be more sock yarn in the very near future...and winky sock 2 is on the needles, though she has stiff competition.

M-I-N-E!Even though I scowled, growled, and even showed my kitty claws to the customers at the fair, some of them bought some of my beloved red silk. I would hold a grudge but I seemed to fall head over heels with each of the new 'moms' to the yarn so I guess I will be FORCED to make some more. Would I wait and dye them all together to ensure a stable, even dye lot? Hell no! I'm a knitting away on a top down raglan because I will spin and dye more as I go and because I need some silk in my life right now. Don't get me wrong, I love to start out the day with a hot cup of brown love liquid and some knitting (sock, or whatever I'm feeling passionate about at the moment) so just about any ole yarn is a good yarn to me before I am fit to interact with other humans (at least 6 am if you want to play it safe - I have actually hissed and scratched someone - guess who wanted to ask me at 4:30 am one morning exactly how much money we had in the checking account?). But, I gotta say, it is kinda different to roll over to a cup of coffee (provided by hubster, presumably to avoid such misunderstandings in the future - plus, he make really good coffee) and some red silk. I could maybe become a tyrannic ruler of a silk dynasty.

proof I can screw anything upThe camera is great but, here's proof I can screw anything up....someone needs to tell the sony people that some of us dinosaurs don't want an on-line tutorial - we want a manual. And we want the manual to actually TELL US SOMETHING. The fiber is great. The glare, the bleaching of color, the eye obliteration - that's just there to let ya'll know I haven't changed a bit. I still have work to do before I can astound you with my heretofore hidden stash of all strings purple. Maybe later in the week. Already, the weekend is about over and I want a nap. It was shearing yesterday, apple picking today. Once I’ve finished the 12 or so quarts of salsa and cooked up some road food for us for tomorrow, I can get to work making batts and spinning. Then, tomorrow is a day scheduled for total chaos and sometime, maybe by flashlight, I’ve got to pull in the dried beans from the garden because I can feel a frost coming soon. You know how it is, just lazin’ about on my arse, as usual!