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Friday, December 14, 2007

Calling in Sick...

In a true twist of cruel knitter fate - I have hit yet another rut in the road of impossible holiday time-lines for knitting my gifts (on a side note, ate least I can still make meself laugh as I accidentally typed 'gits' instead of gift - envy the simple mind). Though I am half-way through the birch leaves sock - there will be no proof of this as it is impossible to hold a digital camera still for that little second it requires to take a non-blurry pic when you are sneezing non-stop, except for when you are coughing non-stop. Neither doth a good picture make.

I am lucky, I guess. I finished the Calorimetry for Thing 1 that will now certainly be her IOU and am also half-way through mittens to match - all out of her favorite handspun in my stash - the madder yarn and the sari batts cuz she's all fire colors. Once her socks are done and my duty is complete - I will return to the Rogue I will owe her with the diligence that only mother's guilt can inspire. For now, it is another cuppa 'Gypsy Cold Care' tea and a tissue box sidekick whilst I grumpily knit and drip along through my day. Thanks, oh karmic retribution authority who gave me this luscious cold - I am ever so grateful of this miserably uncomfortable learning opportunity.