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Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa may be a girl....

Okay, I could have much fun taking that in the wrong direction but that would defeat the purpose for this quick but sure to be rambling post. A while back, maybe last year, the things, their father, and I were listening to public radio and heard the funniest show about all the Santa stories in different countries. In one, he leaves a lump of coal, in another - candy. Then, there came this myth about him beating you up with a club. We couldn't stop laughing. I am definitely guilty of the violence against Santas offense and I often blame him for the many things that have go so awry in my life. But, crotchety and mean as I try to be - some gentle souls are there to make sure I get all mooshey afterward and cry like Professor Trelwany at their kindness. Which gets me to thinking - how can Santa be a man? I mean, we're talking about a magical entity and all but - well, let's just consider the details:
1. He makes it all over the planet in impossible time and doesn't break a sweat or ever get sick of hearing himself encourage, comfort, and cheer everyone with a ho,ho, ho.
2. He makes a list and checks it twice
3. He's able to ascertain who is naughty and nice (hubster does many things well but I'll tell you the man in completely incapable of solving a 'whodunnit' discussion with three things who swear innocence and pirate point at each other).
4. He presumably keeps all his elves in line, takes care of a whole herd of reindeer, and keeps a spouse happy.

People, be honest, here. I know it seems sexist and all but I'm just sayin' - when have you seen a man do all that and still walk about singing jolly tunes in a freaky fur suit?

santa 007So, I've been visited twice this week and that has cemented my assertion that Santa must be a woman. First, L hit me with her care package of utter kindness. For purposes like - guess which doof didn't ask first before they wagged their tongue about it - I am only using an initial but you know who you are and if you want to come out and say so - please do. Firstly, this woman knows how to go straight to the heart. A bag of pecans from her own mother's tree just about made me weak in the knees. There will be the making of grandma's pralines and a pecan pie for the holiday! But, then there was more - coffee (gaw - I love this woman), a pendant, some yummy lace yarn, a crochet hook, a few things for the things - I mean, pinch me! Did I die and I'm sitting in the waiting room while the Vatican and the tree people decide my fate?

santa 001Then, M - who read that I wanted this book so bad and didn't have it - and from out of the blue - sent it to me. Honestly - I did a teenage squeal! Uhm - there will be a handspun Mrs. Weasley sweater in my future. And maybe a cloak.

Okay, I am pushing my usual sarcasm aside and saying - ya'll are so nice! Thanks so much to everyone who has encouraged us, helped us, thought of us, and wished good thoughts for us as we've made this big transition into being true blue homesteaders. I'm off to cry some more and then eat pralines.