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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear Spell Check...

Just in case ya'll thought I was crazy or something - I am well aware that I spelled balaclava incorrectly in my post. It just comes to this.....I am not so good at retribution or protest but that doesn't mean I don't indulge. Frankly, I am having a very bitter relationship with spell check. I mean, I used to treasure it because it sometimes saves me from those embarrassing spelling errors that occur when one is typing whilst thinking. You know, for the first year I did this blog I never used spell check? Because, why? BECAUSE IT PISSES ME OFF! So, I'm typing happily away about my nifty balaclava and the danged thing keeps prompting me to spell a hat like a pastry. I tried to 'add' the right spelling and it wouldn't let me. It can't be blamed on blogger, alone, because even the word processing software, heck, even the ravelry software, gets hitched up on some yarn/knitterly (not a word but my creation)/fiber words. Ravelry being the best of the bunch and just as a point of interest - stupid blogger even insists that is an error in spelling. C'mon! It will let me use ain't but doesn't already know about Ravelry?

Anyway, I started having angst about just letting it 'correct' the spelling and then a comment threw me over the edge so here I go, honoring my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Dubose who taught me that reading a dictionary is one of the greatest joys of life - truly. If you haven't made friends with your dictionary yet, you're missing a level of enjoyment that all should have:
bal·a·cla·va - 1. A warm woolen hood covering the head and neck, worn especially by mountain climbers and skiers.
2. A similarly styled hood often covering the shoulders, as worn by soldiers and sailors or as protective clothing.

ba·kla·va - a Near Eastern pastry made of many layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of ground nuts, baked and then drenched in a syrup of honey and sometimes rosewater.

mmm, that does sound too good to be true

and just because the speller checkie thing seemed to think this was a better spelling than mine:
balaklava - a seaport in S Crimea, in the S Ukraine, on the Black Sea: scene of English cavalry charge against Russians (1854), celebrated in Tennyson's poem Charge of the Light Brigade.

I promise next time I act like a baby and spit raspberries at the screen and let the genius inside it do whatever it wants, I will at least warn you so that I don't perpetuate bad spelling throughout the land. I'm sure that Mrs. Dubose is maybe not with us anymore but let's just say that the effects of her teaching, her stealth amongst a room full of pre-teens, and her unimaginable glare of unholy death to your soul have me convinced she might be waiting on the other side to set me straight - or worse - do it now!