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Monday, February 04, 2008

February's Great Giveaway!

silk roving 009Ooh, how tragic (but not unique)! I'm late announcing the 'terms' of the Great Giveaway for February. So, I will be brutally blunt and unusually short in this post (gaw! I know, less than a few paragraphs - I know you're worried they've put a muzzle on me or something but, you know, I could talk through one of those!). The gift had better be good - me being late and all - so let's make it silk. A 1 oz. braid of silk roving in the 'Gypsy' colorway.

Now, all YOU have to do is either post in the comments or email at dyeingwitchATyahooDOTcom the worst/best/sweetest/most disastrous Valentine story you have - you know - cuz I'm a shameless voyeur. Deadline is Feb. 14 - but you knew that, didn't you?