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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lemme just say.....

That ya'll are totally awesome!

Yesterday did or didn't end as badly as it began, depending on which side of the cube you are intently staring and pondering the ways of the world. I guess after all this time I just want to fulfill my role as mother, knitter, and grower of fibery and delicious (garden) things. I was not relieved to find we are out of crackers as well but comforted myself by having peaches and almonds for dinner and maybe I slipped and bought myself this book and a dress form. I tried, but couldn't help myself. I might have felt guilty in doing so if hubster had returned from the movie via stopping off at a grocery and possibly getting me something, oh, I don't know, like a bottle of wine or something for my birthday. Fortunately, that didn't happen, again, depending on how you look at that cube and what you are threatening to do to it if it answers you wrongly! (giggle AND snort because I no longer give a damn to pretend to be demure)

Then there's the much prettier side of that blessed, sweet cube - and that is where ya'll come in. I started sobbing in my peaches when I logged into ravelry and found a thread created in our group wishing me a happy birthday. It meant so much because I don't even think I've mentioned it on the blog or ravelry so it meant that SOMEONE (actually, lots of someones) noticed. It's a little thing, really, but then it can also be so huge when a community of your friends collectively hug and make you feel special. I think as a mother, woman, totally insane person - I like to pretend that it doesn't matter but that assertion is hard to justify when you are crying and saying out loud, 'oh my gosh, they are so sweet!' Then, I 'casually' went to look at my blog comments and emails and found that ya'll were all over the place giving me hugs, chocolates, a friendly, healing smile, and generally making me feel like being on this earth is such a pleasure. I could say thank you but then I'd have to punch myself for coming up with something so bland in terms of the joy ya'll brought to me. I will just never forget it. Thanks (ouch!)

So, feeling generally contented with a life surrounded by such a great group of humans, I went into the studio to open packages. You know, packages of supplies, right? NOn! I signed up for my second swap this year - a crabby birthday swap on ravelry. My first was a crabby swap, too, so, obviously, I'm partial to swapping with fellow Cancers. I had my usual apprehension after signing up which was vamped up considerably when I was reading the 'guidelines' and found out the gift needed to be presented as a magic ball. I didn't know what that was at first so I, like the rest of the free world, googled it. Then, the sights of all of those balls of yarn delicately wrapped around thoughtful, creative presents nearly caused me to faint. I checked my partner's birth date and, I'm so ashamed to admit this, sighed with relief that mine came well before hers so I would have time to figure out just how good of a magic ball I'd need to make. I was assuming I would suck at it because, you know, it's DIFFERENT. And different equals panic to me more than I'd like to admit.

magic ball 001Last night was the perfect night to go magic balling. Kris, from the painted sheep, sent me a magic ball or two that thrilled me, made me feel oh so special, and confirmed what I already knew - I am doomed to be the lesser end of this magic balling swap. I mean, the roving ball is a fabulous idea and I'm not just saying that because I was already thinking about one. Still, this is her own hand painted colorway and it was so beautiful that I could hardly keep myself from spinning it right up! But, can you get a look at that yarn ball? I can't even wind a ball that nice when I'm not stuffing it with goodies! I hope Kris will understand when she gets a yarn dinosaur instead of a magic ball and I'll have to throw in some consolation gifts to make up for it....also, I may be practicing the magic ball for the next week. So, it being the first of the month, and the Great Giveaway being a part of our blogging dances here, guess what the prize will be? Aha! A magic ball! If you were kind enough to make my heart flutter and glow by commenting yesterday - you are already in the drawing. Though, feel free to comment some more because I could get drunk on the kindness of good friends these days! If you want to enter your name in the magic ball drawing, all you need to do is comment here pondering this little tidbit - what style and tailoring would a bitter woman knit a sweater for herself in as a sort of rite of passage into said bitterdom. Oh, c'mon - let's have fun with it! I'll draw on the 15th and notify the winner.

magic ball 005Now, on to the magic ball. Kris must have been in my head when she included in her roving ball some lotion and in the yarn ball some soap from Sleepy Moon Soaps I had the pleasure of being next door to Sleepy Moon while vending at Mass Sheep and Wool and I was thrilled - such were the delicious scents that wafted through the air. Citrus, chocolate, ginger, and lavender - I was in heaven. Not overly perfumed scents but the work of a woman who understands how to tickle and delight the nose. The soap is shea butter and silk and ya'll know how much I love me some silk! I can't wait for bath time! Also included were some teas from Topmost Tea and some goodies from her LYS and a lavender sachet. All from businesses that were local to her (see what I mean about this woman knowing my mind) and all so beautiful and yummy. Thanks this much (spreads her hands out wide) Kris!

So, now I'm off to keep on trucking, get some more work done, look forward to bath time and generally ponder how I managed to be so lucky as to walk into a virtual room full of so many truly awesome people!