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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the ball, the chain, the day

Just a quickie because today is a very special day (no matter how you look at it) being that it is the day that hubster and I celebrate 16 years of united insanity, grumpiness, and general peril to our well-being. Now, I know that a pic of our wedding day would seem appropriate but (by divine wisdom that I did not properly appreciate back then) there really are none. Nope, we woke, we read the paper, we talked about what to do with our 'day off', and we headed out, me still in my super-big tie dye shirt and stretchy pajama pants and he in some set of rags - and down to the courthouse we went to get hitched. It all seemed romantic, reasonable, and kind of private anyway. Also to my fortune, the evening that followed is not in photographic evidence - our rationale being that you only get hitched once and who the heck cares if you've brushed your hair, anyway - it's your day off!

With the lack of kissy-poo wed picks, I should have something poetic to say, non? Something illustrating how full my life is since the night I sat down to talk to this man and ended up marrying him a few months later. Obviously, with three Things, a farm, a passel of critters, and, did I mention - 16 FREAKIN' YEARS - our historical account would justify 'fullness of life'.

Alas, I have no poetry, no pictures of oodly young love. no greater philosophical understanding of how or why we continue to be insane, together. I can say, though, that MOST of the time, I feel blessed to have such a partner in this crazy life. Of course, the OTHER times, being infused with 16 years worth of stewing, lost battles, unbelievable apologies, and territory wars, I pretty much feel a hatred quite unexplainable for fear I will be put in a padlocked cage - LOL!

Happy Anniversary, hubster! If I don't kiss ya when you get home - duck, then run!