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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Knuck Recipe

KNUCKS 003Hot Mama Knucks
Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be a pattern writer. This is a ‘recipe’ which means it is a listing of the process I followed while knitting mine. You’re encouraged to use your own imagination, technique of choice, and general knitting prowess to make a better knuck.


50 grams of Hot Mama Sock Yarn ( Enchanted Knoll Farm Colorway)
5 US 2 dpn’s
2 stitch holders
2 stitch markers

Seed stitch rib :
K3, k4 in seed stitch, k3 to end, ending with a k4 in seed stitch
Repeat this row.

Optional ‘Bobble’ spice:
K1, k5 times into same stitch, pass to right needle, ktbl of all 5 sts. Pass that 1 stitch back onto left needle and k 5 times into that stitch, then ktbl of those five sts, k1, k4 in seed stitch.

Painless Fingers:

One of the most challenging parts of glove or knuckle glove knitting is the fingers. Hears groans of those who despise knitting fingers….. The webbing is the trickiest part. I’ve found that, when joining to the previous web to knit a finger, those pesky loose stitches on the corner can be avoided by picking up the outside stitch of the palm stitch (marked as P'S) just past the 3 web stitches and knitting the first of the 3 web stitches with it in a k2tog.

oooxxxoooo= web stitches
oopxxxpooo = palm stitches

1. CO 63 sts
2. Work Seed Stitch Rib for 10 rows
3. Work Seed Stitch Rib with bobble for one row.
4. Work Seed Stitch Rib for 10 rows.
5. Work knuck in stockinette stitch for 16 rows.
Wrist shaping: dec 1 stitch at beg and end of the row every other round 4 times. Knit stockinette until cuff measures 4 inches.
1. Thumb Gusset: At beg. Of round, k1, pm, knit to last stitch, pm, k1.
2. K1, m1, pass marker, k to last marker, pass marker, m1, k1
3. Knit all sts.
4. Repeat rows 2 and 3 five more times.
5. Then, knit row 2 and knit row 3 twice (increasing every third round) three times (9 rounds).
6. Knit 4 rounds stockinette
7. Put all thumb sts on a holder and knit 4 more rounds.

KNUCKS 004The fingers are worked in this order: pinky finger, then ring finger, then middle finger, then pointer finger.
Pinky finger: Needle 1 being the beginning of the round at the thumb gusset . Knit all stts on needle 1, on needle 2, keep knitting sts onto needle 1, until you have 22 sts on needle 1.
Needle 2: knit 4 sts onto needle 2.
Needle 3: knit 5 sts onto needle 3. Place remainder of sts on the fourth needle on a holder. Cast on 3 sts to the end of needle 3. Transfer those 3 sts onto the empty fourth needle. Needles 2, 3, and 4 will be the finger sts. Knit 5 rounds. Purl 1 round. Knit 1 round, P 1 round. K 1 round. Bo sts loosely.

Ring finger: Pick up three sts from the web cast ons for the pinky finger. Knit 1 round of all finger sts. On the end of that round, k 8 sts onto their own needle (this will be needle #1 for working the ring finger), the three web sts, 8 sts from other side of palm, and cast on 4 sts for webbing on the side that will join with the middle finger. Knit 5 rounds, p 1 round, k 1 round, p 1 round, k1 round, BO loosely.

Middle Finger: Same as for ring finger but pick up 4 sts for webbing.
Pointer Finger: p up 4 webbing sts and remaining sts on the hand. K 5 rounds, p 1 round, k1 round, p 1 round, k 1 round, BO loosely.

Thumb: P up 3 web sts and the thumb sts on the holder. K 3 rounds. Dec 3 sts the next round. K 1 more round. P 1 round, k 1 round, p 1 round, k 1 round, BO sts loosely.