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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

give me back my hour 003Happy Spring is a bit of an oxymoron on the funny farm. The onset of spring is usually not what I would term 'happy' and this seasonal shift is not really too much of a departure from the 'norm' of mud season. A messy, mucky, and time eating time of year, mud season sort of makes you have to work the facial muscles a little harder to smile. Well, that's if you don't have a fiber addict in your house. Enter, this bit of roving - LOL. On the top is a sparkly batt of 'goblin market' batts. Below that is a bit of 'shiny happy people' roving that I separated into greens/yellows and orange/yellows. As you can see, I had a plan in sight.

shiny happy socks 002I had a plan in sight because my previously carefully laid plan was rocked beyond imagining. Initially, I had planned to make dear Thing 1 a pair of handspun socks from the Roses in the Snow yarn, on account of the fact that she squealed loudly when I put it before her and said she 'loved it'. Only, late one afternoon when discussing psychology courses and other tidbits about school, we did a random experiment that was my doom. Turns out, she didn't really 'love' roses in the snow. She'd have preferred goblin market only it was roving and not batts and, therefore, tragically lacking in sparkle. I tried to restrain myself and managed to deep breathe and not scream, "What? Do you know that I spun that 3 ply yarn just for you?" and, instead, appreciate the budding fiber woman that she is becoming - developing her own tastes and all. My evil mind began plotting right away when she grabbed my coveted Spider Weaver Woman yarn and declared that she really, really loved that one. I mean, don't get me wrong - she's my only daughter and I lurve her like bees love honey but, my Spider Weaver Woman yarn? Oh, the pain! So, I quickly created 'goblin market' batts and started my new, more evil plan. It involved making a striping yarn by spinning the green/yellow part of 'shiny happy people' and then the orange/yellow part of 'shiny happy people' and plying them with a thinner strand of goblin market. There was a bit of goblin market left over so I navajo plied it for the cuff. I was later irked with myself because I know that the GB batts would look much better 2 or 3 plied instead of the stripey look of them n-plied but, what's done is done and it does sparkle - I checked:)

shiny happy socks 006Because it was a last minute change and because I am , ahem, lazy, I went for a sport wgt yarn and remembered how much I love knitting socks at 6 sts per inch! Woot - goes so fast! The result? Well, you tell me - is this a shiny happy sock or what? I know she'll be thrilled because she caught me working on them and later I spied her picking up the finished sock and petting it. Whew! Now I don't have to part with my Spider Weaver Woman....yet!

Happy Spring, everyone!