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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Your Mother....

This is going to be a ridiculously brief post but as I'm supposed to board a plane in less than 12 hours and haven't even STARTED packing, yet nor is there dinner on my table - well, you know why, then, it is both ridiculous and brief - LOL.

I'm heading out for a weekend of luxury beyond what I'm at all used to and some really great company of fellow yarnoholics at the Spring Fling - Woot! If I can get over my airline stress - all will be well.

But, I couldn't leave town or the blog without acknowledging this very important day. Happy Earth Day, ya'll - and if you haven't already - find some way to honor and love your Mother this evening. We all took Thing 3 to see Disney's "Earth" today - not exactly an act of earth appreciation such as would have been some gardening, some nature walking, etc. BUT as we live off the grid and pretty much fine tune our daily life to walking softly - I decided to indulge the boy in a movie that really was pretty awesome. We're PBS geeks so we're pretty spoiled on Nature and other fabulous shows but I have to say - Disney did a good job of not over glossing the delicate balance needed for all creatures (even the two-legged) to prosper and live healthy lives. They're continuing the Earth Day celebrations over the weekend while I'm gone. Thing 3 has long outgrown the swingset I bought for his birthday the first summer we were out here on the farm and it has surely seen too much wear to safely hand it down to another kid. Our dear ewe we call '2' loves the slide as a back scratcher so they're going to set it up in the pasture for her and take the frame (note: I will be away and there will be much cutting of metal posts and cement work, too so I will be a little worried and probably call home 80 times) and set it in cinder blocks and turn it into a greenhouse. What a perfect way to recycle a relic of his kinder years - now that he's growing into his quirky pre-teen years and has taken an avid interest in bonsai. He got to take a seminar last week with a bonsai expert in our area and he's totally jazzed about turning his kiddy swingset into a house for him to grow mini-trees in. I think the kid is wayyyyy cool.

So, I'm off - wheel and fiber and yarn and at least one change of clothes because, a woman has to have her standards - ya know? I can handle being smelly and wearing the same shirt for two days but I simply am not safe in the wide world if I can't spin for a whole weekend - LOL. Have a good weekend!