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Friday, May 01, 2009

A Little Sugar In My Bowl....

The funny thing about coming back from 'vacation' is that the stuff in your 'Oh My Gosh, you better get this done TODAY' box is still there. Whuh? So, this week has been kinda all about juggling balls of fire and that, as you may have guessed, gets tiresome after one has successfully juggled the balls a few times and then gets tired and distracted and a ball lands in their lap and singes. That's when it's time to jump OUT of the hamster wheel and get your funky brain working again. At least, that is my excuse for wimping out of the design I've been manically working on since the day I left Cookie A's class at the Fling and turning to something a little more whimsical - the ever practical and never over-cooked 'knitted veggies'. Yes, I'm okay, why do you ask? I mean, I know a knitted food item is neither usable OR practical - wait a minute - unless you are doing a 'knit along' with a theme for garden things - then it kind of does become practical - I love it when things work out that way, don't you?

May DayIt all started with this 3 peas in a pod pattern. Not that I actually followed the pattern - ya'll know I can hardly ever do that. I tend to look at a pattern, think it over, and then dive in without a life raft. I'll usually put some music on to set the mood a little. Okay, just one of Nina's is never enough - this one feels pretty good, too. On a bigger or more complex project, I'll be humbled pretty quickly into the process and have to go back and find the pattern/instructions/manual again and move forth with more reverence for the 'rules' but the 3 peas in a pod was right up my alley(meaning VERY SIMPLE) and done on the car ride to town the other day. Yes, that's handspun I used for my practical and useful knitted veggies - the glistening peas are crocheted with 'fern' batts - silky, soft, and sparkly. It may have been overkill for a knitted vegetable but, you know, I'm nothing if I'm not a drama queen - LOL- sparkly peas, who'd of thought?

mayday 008The carrots are lion suede - just something I had laying around and topped with some handspun, coiled mermaid wool/silk yarn. Again, a bit fancy for a knitted vegetable but, I plan on holding onto these carrots for a looooooong time so, you know (begins to look around the room in hopes of finding someone who looks crazier than herself at the moment - dang - no one!) I knew, after the carrots, that I was lost in this whimsical journey and had no intention of stopping. I planned a handspun salad - complete with knitted leaves and cherry tomatoes - a cucumber cut in half with bobble seeds, a few roses, and something NO ONE wants to see in their garden - a few sheep. Alas, I have to return to the Reality Room today and get the hooves batts ready to ship on Monday so, I had to stop with this - a handspun potato from my 'turkish delights' batts that I had in the shop a while back. I mean, you have to admit, it is a reaaaaaalllly purdy potato, non? Look at how it sparkles and shines - Woot!

So, what are you knitting?