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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Socks Matter

They really do, you know....

I didn't know how important socks were until I left my Southern home and moved to the Northeast - where winter is a reality that remains in stark contrast to anything I can decently describe. Let's just say that you learn quickly the value of layers and the treachery of exposed feet. I know you wouldn't be silly enough to do this but- someone I know once thought she could just jot out to the mailbox in thin socks and no shoes on 2 ft of snow pack. I know, she's learned, though, so let's not laugh at her for too long. (thanks)

So, the idea of a very warm sock becomes immediately appealing to those of us who have cold feet for nearly 6 months of every year but - do you think that would make me into a sock knitter? NOOOOOOOO! I swore I'd never, ever, EVER knit socks and that, I am still convinced, is why I perpetually linger in the pile of socks in progress that is my studio/knitting baskets/purse - LOL. I am serving my time for being disrespectful to the sock. Shhhh...don't remind anyone I'm here - I hope they don't decide to let me out:)

Now that I've been bitten - and waited for a few years to see if it would 'go away', I'm shamelessly loving every tiny stitch on my size '0' dpns. I try to remember my days as a non-sock knitter. There are different levels of non-sock knitting. There are those who are completely ignorant to the virtues of sock knitting by no fault of their own. Maybe they live in a warm or hot climate and don't know that wool socks are not the only option for knitters and/or that wool socks are actually not hot to wear in warm weather because they 'breathe' and keep the feet rather dry and comfy. They've likely not experienced the pure joy that is sliding on a fresh pair of hand knit socks that 'hug' the feet and make you say 'ahhhh' when you walk around in them. They don't even fathom the possibilities of colors, textures, styles, and uniquely comfortable hand knit socks that are waiting to be born. Those poor souls are subjected to the rants of sock knitting cheers from fellow sock knitters. Some of them may have been 'gifted' with knitted socks or the random ball of yarn and needles in some crazed attempt to fill their personal bubbles with the scent of wool and, as my mind reasons, an immediate and powerful desire to knit socks immediately permeating their very beings. Sometimes it works....

Then there are the knitters who, like myself, just don't yet have the desire to knit socks. They love sweaters, scarves, even large lace shawls but they just haven't yet been bitten by the sock knitting fever. Those are my personal favorite non-sock knitters because they will, at the very least, ooh and ahh over pretty sock yarns and consider the sock you've knit. They also, let's face it, have the quickest potential to be turned on to sock knitting - hence my hoarding of every scrap of sock yarn I don't use just in case someone wants to swatch and try it - LOL.

There are also the 'why would I knit a sock when I can buy a whole pack for less than that at my box store?' non-sock knitters. Almost immediately upon being inducted into the sock knitting pool, I struggled not to growl and show fangs when someone said this to me in response to seeing me knitting socks. I just remind myself that these non-sock knitters have likely not had the experience of sliding a good hand knit sock on their feet, either. That a poly sock from a package cannot be compared to the give, stretch, and general ooooohhhhhh factor of a hand knit sock and that value is a personal concept - each of us having our own 'guidelines' for what that means. Over time, I've learned not to react - not to let the hackles rise and not to deviate from the pleasurable sport of sock knitting to try to defend it. Just trust me, it matters.

Obviously, I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm heading out to Sock Summit after Thing 3's birthday tomorrow( HAPPY BIRTHDAY THING 3!) where there will be plenty of people who speak the language of the sock - I can't wait! If you're going to be there, come by and see us in Booth 226. I'll be doing some fun color card readings in the Color Me Crazy Booth on Friday a.m. as well - a whole weekend of nothing but sock loving fun! Yeah!

I haven't done a Great Giveaway in quite some time - and I've never missed a kiddo's birthday, so this one will be super easy - leave a Happy Birthday H in the comments for a drawing upon return from SS to enter yourself to win a skein of sock yarn!