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Thursday, November 05, 2009


gold dust woman socks 025Yep, winter is definitely coming. I knew it yesterday. Well, actually, I knew it all along but yesterday was just too easy for an early November day. Balmy, warm temps, ample sunshine, and a cool breeze that made the dried leaves in the front yard rattle as they blew along the lawn until they were smashed into a building or seized upon by a playful kitty in the grass. Then, this morning, winter put her hand(you know, that gentle but firm grip she has) on my shoulder and squeezed ever so tightly. It started like this - just a spit of fine white powder falling blissfully on the ground and magically evaporating and all was well. Only, such a change gets the sheep all riled up and those who are inclined to misbehave (cough - the merinos - cough) set out to find a way out of the fence. It seems they determined the fence was the cause of the snow. So, Things 1,2 and 3 and I had to round them up and tuck them into the barn until they eat lots of hay and calm down and regain their senses. The hay part works wonders in that process. It seems to have the same effect that a good glass of merlot has on me...mmmm....ahhhhh....there, now, everything will be all right. They are now sleeping in the barn. I guess they've decided that's just about all the excitement they need for the day - LOL.

gold dust woman socks 009Before that bit of excitement - which, I must say, is significantly amped up in adrenaline now that we are not 1 mile off the road but on a major route and the way they found out was roadside - wahhhhh!, I was going to come here and show you my FO. I know, and FO! Miracles never cease:) I finally finished those Lindsay socks from Cookie's book and I absolutely love them. Of course I do - they are intended to be a gift for someone. Urgh! Nonetheless, the pattern is awesome. Super easy stitch pattern that you memorize in a snap and happily knit away on your socks yet you still get this fancy stitch work. I'm so into that! They fit like they were made just for me - Cinderella complex much? so I just know they will be a big hit for a certain gold loving girl this coming Christmas. The yarn, by the way, is our Super wash Sock Yarn in the 'Gold Dust Woman' colorway. I'm in love with all kinds of hand-dyed sock yarns but for a pattern like this one, there was no contest - a good semi-solid did the trick.

sockdown Miss Marple socksI couldn't let my poor sock project bag sit alone and empty too long and the November mystery sock for the SKA Sockdown features mosaic knitting so I was instantly hooked. Since I had the honor of taking Barbara Walker's mosaic knitting class at Sock Summit, I've been meaning to knit some mosaic socks but just haven't gotten around to it yet so this KAL was just the inspiration I needed. I coupled two of my Super wash Sock Yarn colorways - "Chai" and "Emerald Lake" and I love the colorplay that is resulting. I'm all done with this clue and desperately wanting the next one to come out.
brego plays in the snow 005
Here's my handsome boy as the day comes to a close. He finds the camera silly and fascinating. I walk out to the porch and he immediately comes over to say hello....until the flash, at which point he turns and walks the other way -brego plays in the snow 006 shaking his mane and tail to let me know just how silly he thinks I am - LOL.