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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lying to myself.

'Vila' Heh! Who was I kidding with that whole 'not casting on new projects like a madwoman' rule that I gave myself in the last post? I mean, of course I was already casting on the 'Calloway' socks. This pattern is totally awesome - that's my defense for lying to even myself about said 'rules'. When will I learn? The rules are: there are no rules. There. Done. Now we can knit happily - which I did. This pattern is just the right balance of complex, but very simple and easy to follow along. I mean, it's not like you can toss the chart out your car window and just run free through each row or anything but, you know, you can sort of go with its 'flow' and consult the chart when you need to. For me, that's just the right balance of interesting stitch patterning but still enjoyable knitting. Excuse #2 for ignoring my obviously flippant vow to be faithful to my WIPs - it was oh so blue and I needed some deep blue in my days - here's a closeup to show just how dark the blues are without the flash mucking them up and making them look more splotchy than they really are.

'Vila' happy hooves sock yarn club I practically had to drop those sad and forlorn WIPs and plow right through this one - I'm on sock two but nearing the finishing point for her as well and soon, oh so very soon, these babies will be on my toes and bouncing happily through the day - must.knit.faster. Who am I kidding? I'm wearing the single right now - LOL.

But (crosses her fingers behind her back just in case she caves and casts on Anne's new sweater pattern that somehow managed to purchase itself, download, and print to land right square in her knitting basket) promise - I'm back on the WIPs next. Really, I am...why are you looking at me like that?

Calloway Did you want to see the whole sock? Here she is:

Calloway by Cookie A.
in my 'Vila' colorway

= true love that cannot be stopped by fidelity vows to WIPs.