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Sunday, June 04, 2006


I think it would be way cool to do a little bunny progress post as I go on this little adventure into pseudo-motherhood. Okay, it may not be the most exciting thing that every happens to you and it certainly would never match college girls in their pajamas talking on the phone in sex appeal or anything - but it WOULD be cute. In maintaining my perfect reputation as a flake, I am launching the bunnycam with absolutely no pics of said bunnies. While I could pretend this is to strengthen the suspense, or to curb the insatiable appetite for cute that seems to run rampant amongst the human populous (second only to violence, apparently) - it is really because I woke up this morning and, to my horror, I apparently live in Seattle again. Seattlepeoples, I mean you no disrespect. In fact, I honor you. My 2 yrs. in Seattle left me dried like a prune and with an un-natural desire to inflict pain. Rain, cloud, dark all day. Wet, dark, cold. Let's just say that I had to move to Seattle to appreciate the need for whiskey in your coffee. In fact, I am still on my farm in Maine, but Mother Nature has decided to soften the brutal blow she's dealt her impudent child with a rainy, dark day. It wouldn't be so bad, if it hadn't been going on all of May. Rain+dark don't make my cheapo camera worth a damn. Tomorrow, pics for the bunnycam if you must. They are so cute, though, and I am feeling comforted that so far all six of them seem healthy and very energetic! They scurry like little mice up my arms while I try to give them a chance to nurse from their mother, who is a cross little fart. I have claw marks on my inner thighs from holding her feet back since she already hurt one of them the day they were born by stomping her claw into his shoulder. Once I get her to lay down, though, she nurses them, then almost steps on them when she's getting up. She appears to have only one mothering instinct - eradicate all the fuss and sit on my ass all day. I know I should be more patient with her but it always gives me the shivers to see a mama animal turn on their young - like a real violation. It kinda makes it hard to feel sorry for her and the front claw that she drove into my boob yesterday (yes, sickos - it bled) isn't making much of a defense for her either.