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Monday, June 05, 2006

Three Days Old

If my title is indicative of a lack of creativity, it is because I am 'infusing' my fiber with all the creativity I can muster on a pathetic sleep schedule. I should also note that I am draining the last of my patience so that my children will thrive and these little cute bunnies can get through their dark, 'my mom is an instinctual void' time. Yes, the idea of a mother animal turning on her young is very disturbing, but it does happen. Sometimes it has to do with her own health - in which case you can often correct the situation by discovering what she is lacking and simply providing it. Sometimes, though, she needs a total break to re-gain her heath which leaves you, the presumable responsible one, to take over the baby tending. Sometimes, it has to do with a perceived threat or disease among the litter that she has picked up on and Nature calls her to do what I term in human child-rearing 'the Mother-dirtywork'. Most of you probably get my drift. Course, our dirty work usually just involves discipline or simply having your children glare at you all day convinced that will get them out of trouble but I digress. Here we are speaking of the small mammal animals of the preditory world - infanticide. This does not seem to be the case, either. Ms. Goodie is in fine shape (trust me, the bitch is really strong!) and is producing copius amounts of rich milk (if you're willing to die trying to extract it from her). She continues to prim herself as usual and you can't even so much as think about starting dinner before she begins showing herself in hopes of another slice of onion or carrot. (Yesm, I finally brought her inside in a cage because it has been raining for 39 days and 39 nights and I am tired of getting my flesh scraped constantly and getting wet. So far, we have worked out the following arrangement: Some poor sap gets her out of her cage (she gives him or her and interesting claw-looking tattoo). Said sap (what, no volunteers?)sits down and PETS her while humming softly. Assistants bring babies to mom. Mom fusses but if you are still stroking her or holding her two back legs, she lets them nurse. As soon as you take your hand off of her, she begins trying to execute everyone involved. In other words, folks, I am suffering from what I can only assume is 'barbie' kharma. All these inspid ways I have tortured and resented Babs my whole life have resulted in me having a barbie rabbit who obviously understands the concept of you get what you pay for. I pay her with stroking and attention, she acts like a cow in the stanchion for long enough for these little fellows bellies to swell. Not my preferred compromise, but one the same.

I am aware that my photos suck. My defenses are 1)I am not a photographer 2) I have a cheapshit camera 3)Have you ever seen how impossibly fast these little boogers are? As a nursing mom, I can tell you, I almost understand Ms.Frigid's reluctance to have six constantly squirming, flipping over, otter-acting circus bunnies nursing at your gentle breasts. They do not get still unless they are asleep and they will not sleep unless they are covered up. Get my meaning? Bunnycam may end up being bunny diary with some hapless and futile photo of a blob. So, here they are, three days old. I am so glad they all seem to be doing well. Our other doe, Ash, had nine babies but, sadly, we lost two yesterday. One was a very slow runt who I even supplemented but I'm aftraid he wasn't long for this world, anyway, and another who jumped out of the nest and caught a nasty cold on this wet and windy day. Medicine, milk, and electrolytes were all too late - which leads me to this question to ponder - what purpose is served in an animal born to be preyed upon learning to hop before it opens its eyes? I'm telling yall, I open the nest and it is like opening the lid on a pot of popping corn - they just start popping and hopping with no real regard for where they are going as they cannot see yet anyway. It is almost too cruel to mention but in the interests of documenting this experience thoroughly - I thought you'd want to know.