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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Duh, Are You Knitting?

I've been confusing my slump of 'don't have any idea what to do but work' as the pre-show jitters, possible overload of work still needing to be done, perhaps lack of sleep combined with being a new mom of six fragile beings, being a real mom of three mammals that are actually six people (the good, the bad, the gene pool from whence they came)when it comes to actual parenting beyond caregiving. Heck, all these things (oh, throw that good ole pms, garden not fully in the ground yet, $ and talk of $ with husband - is it to late to add husband to the list?)it becomes patently clear that I am not hunting for excuses to stick my tongue out at people. But yesterday I just couldn't shake this 'blue' feeling and then I realized - I haven't had any respectable (this means I'm not casting on, knitting a few rows and then cursing and crying as I dramatically rip them out) knitting on my needles for weeks, now. Sure, I am washing, blocking, packaging all my shawls. I'm gauging my yarns and labelling them like a good girl. And, of course, I am chained to the carder and making those blessed batts. But, I'm betraying my very essence by forgetting what is truly important - duh, the knitting!

To pull myself out of this funk, I need an inspiring project that is challenging (something I've never done) and not something I intend to wear in the next three months (show season!). You know, I've never done a sweater. I've started a few. I almost finished a Mrs. Weasely-ish sweater back in the acrylic yarn and ten cent budget (only a few years ago), but I've never actually done a sweater. While perusing the subscriber-only content on the Interweave Knits site (you know, because I am finally a subscriber and I wanted to pretend I can be a snob about it), I came across that great Burma Rings sweater of, well, about the 2001 issue. Let's just be honest - fashion diva I am not. I wear clothing for comfort and I figure fashion and trend are for the quick and witty. My opinion is that a great yarn, a silky silk, or a velvety surface of luxury can always overpower the latest trend. So, burma rings it is. I am on knitter's speed, people. My energy is back (of course, so is my paranoid knitter's rage)and I feel alive again. I felt most alive at 6am when I sat down with my coffee to knit a round and began nervous sweats because I thought I screwed up the picot edging. It took half a cup and putting my glasses on to notice that the description says a 'hemmed' edge of pictot. You gotta turn it under and hem it to get the picots on the edge. Oh, good, everything's okay and it's just my normal raging stupidity sprinkled with insanity - picots are intact. I know this is going to knock you out of your chair, but I am only 16 rows into this thing and i have already strayed from the pattern. It's just that this sweater is kinda boxy and if you're a, well, largish amazonian type woman, boxy is kinda like polka dots - not really okay. So, I am puting an empire waist in to show of my fabulous 50" bust and reasonable waste and, hopefully, destract all from my large hips and gargantuant butt. I'm using a mocha brown with varying rings of green. What do you mean, I'm boring?

On the bunny front, not much to report. I am afraid this will truly get boring so I am only going to post on bunnies a couple of times a week. Let's face it, they are much like all newborns. They eat, they sleep, they poop. So, here's your fix for a few days of the latest 'basket of bunnies' picture.