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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For Those Who Didn't Get to Ride on the Ark

Sun's up today and I can't decide if i should just fall down in gratitude and beg for mercy or hold strong knowing this sinister plot is all against ME! Fiber Frolic was great fun in spite of the fact that Saturday was a mess of rain that began to make lakes of parking lots. It was all good, though I was totally freaking out all morning - it is hard to pack fiber into the car between rain storms - particularly if the rain storms do not let up. But, I had totally overlooked the fun involved in the storm - diehards! I love them. There was something primal and wild about those who came through the storm to get their hands on some fiber, a hungry and determined look in their eyes that I, your local village genius, mistook for a kindred 'crazed' gaze so, naturally, I felt instantly comfortable and set upon having a blast.

Sunday, the weatherpeople were obviously feeling rather wimpy because they totally lied to us. They said sun, wind, beauty in the skies. Crap! It was rain, wind, cold, only parting for some humid, hot, hell-blazing sun in between. But, still, the fiber peoples came. I met so many spinners that I was astounded at the variety. Oh, and Thing 2 fell in love. No, not with a girl, sickos (he's only ten - I am certain he will have no interest in dating for at least ten more years. Shut up, I can be ignorant if I wish) but with a llama. Now, for two days, all I have heard come from his mouth is the many virtues of hamsters and llamas. I kinda liked it, though, because when we first got to the show our booth had been taken by a pen of llamas. Instead of asking them to move, I suggested the organizers just find us another spot. Meanwhile, hubster thought he could go over and charm the llamas. One insufferable slut pretty brown llama was eating up his attentions but then another came over, ears laid back and began spitting with her tongue flapping all about - frightening poor hubster. Yes, me and thing 2 are definitely going to have llamas.

It may appear that I am grovelling here but I just gotta say that i freakin' LOVE fiber people. Truly. I know people, now, who's names I will never remember, but whom i could see on the street and instantly remember a conversation that ended in gut-busting laughter, etc. In the words of thing 3 "I wish it was Fiber Frolic every weekend". But, onto Sunday. Seriously, I am not lying when I tell you this outrageous story. I was walking in the sun, trying to be grateful, over to the fleece tent just before the end of the show and, out of the sky (my story, do not question) came a gorgeous, german angora buck. He literally flew into my arms and called me 'mom'. Needless to say, I have to get going as we are in hyper-bunny-cage-building mode at the Farm-Witch farm. The babies are doing great, although their cousins are now twice the size of them. But, I learned much from the great bunny gals at FF about angoras and I couldn't help feeling kinda proud (notice dumb southerner smile) when all seemed amazed that the bunnies were all alive and so healthy. It somehow made it easier to take when I learned that baby bunnies only eat about 2 times a day - making my night wakings and constant feedings seem not only futile but totally stupid.

Windsor, named so because that was the fair grounds name and because we instantly realized that he was quite regal and finely bred for coming to live at our shack pretty little cabin in the woods, seems quite appalled at his temporary cage in this photo but I was dying to take a picture of him so I couldn't wait until we'd settled in for the night. Also, my camera doesn't work at night. Me with the prudish camera. Oh, I should mention that this handsome stud comes from Woolybuns who is a woman who really knows and loves her bunnies. She held a talk on bunny genetics and color genes that my kids got to go to and they were really impressed. Thing 1 took notes and she is now helping me figure out our breeding program with this woman's genius in mind.

Now, I'm off. I have some batts to list on you know where. Up for bid this week is a color called "Hot Mama" (purples, gold sari silk, etc. and 'All That Pink' (self explanatory) and 'Watercolor Sparkle'. I stopped there because I am too lazy to unpack everything and, somehow, I have decided that i deserve a day off. Course, it would have been more pleasurable had i the forethought to inform anyone else that i deserved a day off. They are calling for 'mom' in my house and, dammit, there's no other adult woman in the house - guess I'm it.