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Friday, June 23, 2006

I really do knit...

This has been a swift and brutal week on the ole farm and, you know, I hate to find a silver lining in my utter distress, but - I sure am knitting alot! Perhaps you are accustomed to my flighty, empty promises of projects mentioned and then casually forgotten. Perhaps you have decided I am a liar and you no longer believe me when I say I am going to 'knit' something. Well, tragedy, financial ruin, and a deviant lack of sleep have forced me into submission and 'Nuala' is coming along nicely. Okay, I have already cheated, changed the pattern twice, and plan to obliterate the front BUT - I am keeping gauge and checking regularly. That means i learned from my experience with burma rings attempt 1 - right? I couldn't stick with the lace all the way up the sweater so I just did a long border. I am a hot-blooded mama and have been known to have to fan myself in public here in Maine during sweater weather. So, the lace all the way up is not modest enough for me to wear over my tank top. I love the color and since this is a one-shot, discontinued yarn - I sure hope I have enough. Wondering where I snagged those fancy hand-carved persimmon knitting needles? Hubster made those for me. He'll make you some, too, if you ask him really nice and pay him money. Mine were free, unless you account for the amount of forgiveness that I have bestowed upon him for almost 14 yrs.

(She inserts cute bunny pic here, so you now it is about to get rough). Let this be a warning of the couple thousand dollar nature for you dyers out there. IF you are desperate to rinse a large batch of red wool and there is an empty kiddie pool in your yard - think twice. IF you still choose to put the hose in the pool, dump said red wool in with a heathen look in your eye and a sinister wild dyeing mama pose, and walk away to get something cold to drink - make sure it has liquor in it. Then, you can at least blame your stupidity on a drunken spree. IF it is a hot as hell, searing day with over 80 % humidity and your well pump malfunctions because of said miserable conditions and your hose is still in the pool and the red water is slowly syphoned back into the hose, well, it only has one way to go. Then, you need much more liquor so you can stop sobbing as you call well-drillers all over the state hoping one of them is related to Santa Claus and will trade a new well for some awesomely RED wool. Shoot me now. Too late. You could have saved me from the news that came yesterday, our only remaining vehicle is not even trying to work now and we're looking at an expensive fix. You ever get the feeling that the Cosmos are laughing while the Universe is peeing on your head?