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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bunnies Behind Bars

The bunnies have graduated from their box. Yesterday, in the oppressive heat that has followed our tropical experience here in Maine, the kids and I admitted defeat and came in to watch the Narnia movethingie. Through the handle holes in the box, little heads kept peeking out only to run quickly whenever jadis showed herself or that lion near frightened them out of their fur. Then, the biggest and boldest little bunnie (our little Black-eyed Pea) exited the handle hole and ran to sit next to one of the kiddles for comfort from the scary White Witch. Thus, they are now behind bars in their own little cage and, as if it was by instinct, they started hopping! Real hopping! Not just flopping around blindly - but back legs stretching and little hoppers accidentally mis-gauging their power and slamming into the wall only to lick their wounds and try again. Ahh - thank goodness someone ELSE in enterntaining the family with their woeful ambition and conitnuous naivete. This picture looks so psychadelic-like but the brownies (that's what we call the three little brown bunnies) are hard to photograph. Someone - stop feeding them coffee beans!

Let's talk about gauging and mis-gauging. Over Yarn Harlot's meditation book and a cup of coffee, I finally accepted defeat on my FIRST attempt at Burma Rings. See, I don't have an endless collected of circular needles and i definitely didn't have the right size. I've been pretty lucky (except socks - and now you've found me out that my sock issue really comes down to laziness) in my betrayal of swatching and gauge-checking so far but, alas, ignorance is no longer bliss when you go a froggin because your already 12 inch sweater could fit yourself and three other friends. Is there a light at the end of the swampy tunnel? Wow! This sweater will take way less yarn than I thought. Ha ha ha. aha aha aha. Ribbit. I ordered a whole set of bamboo circulars because, people, I am not real smart. I need a needle that has its size etched into it. And, yes, I am swatching my next attempt at a sweater that i will keep busy with while waiting on my new needles. In keeping with my withering fashion sense and ardent inablity to listen to music recorded after 1979 or wear pants that show my butt crack, I have chose an oldie but goodie to do in a sage-green wool. Well, gotta go pimp more batts on fleabay. I've started a fund to get a MORE powerful fence for THAT EWE because, curse her!, she has an awesome fleece. BAh!