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Monday, July 03, 2006


It is a well-known fact in our house that I am the designated planner and hubster is the muscle machine. Sometimes this works out but often only after his constant state of distraction has driven me into a mindless state of tyranny that makes me look like one of those pathetic, bossy creatures in boot camp movies. For days we've been frantically trying to finish up the leftover winter and spring projects so we can give a half-assed attempt at getting some of the summer work done before August. REally, we've gotten alot done. No matter how hard we try, though, every day something has to get bumped onto the tomorrow list. For about a week, my pole beans have been sending out their little tendrils to make long, stringy vines and set their beans. I mean, if you stand still in a row too long, and you watched the movie 'Little Shop of Horrors' in the third grade and it really messed up your mind, you could be in trouble! So, the bean plants are a hungerin' to kill you eager to grow and the poles for them to climb have still not made it into the garden. This is a race we repeat every year with peas and beans and tomatoes, sliding into home only at the last minute - barely in time to tame their wild natures. Ya'll are ripe with suspense on this, aren't you? So, all morning every time hubster (enjoying a day off work which means he's DRIVING ME CRAZY) comes around a corner saying 'what now?' I shout (because, usually when I'm grouchy on Mondays I don't have him underfoot and the kids already know better than to pay attention to me)BEANPOLES. Whew! That should keep him busy for an hour or so. Course, I'll sure miss him if he's lost to them forever.......

Okay, on to knitting. I finished the ripple shaw, except for weaving in all the ends. I'm thinking of letting hubster select a harem of lesser souls just so I can order them to do the mundane tasks like weaving in ends. No, on second thought, that wouldn't work as I would probably regret letting him find that there are actually NICE wives to be had. I'm too consciencious to deal in outright slavery and too mushy to make the kids help me with anything. Looks like I'll have to do it, unless I can train Thing 1's parakeets to do....holy wizz - I'm sounding too desperate for public consumption. Before I go, though, here's a bit of Lady Starlight spun and Navajo-plied. The other pic is of a gem I just got in and, sadly, will have to part with some on e-bay next week. It is a 50/50 silk and lamb mix in the color 'charcoal'. Now, I won't go into detail since I clearly lack the constraint to be inhibited, but I will just say that I have great sensations of peace and happiness when I spin this stuff. Clearly, in a moment of clairvoyant foresight, I must have known I would need to bribe hubster this fall (harvest, people, I am not as dumb as I look) AND he's needing a new poncho, AND our 14th anniversary is coming up in Sept. so I figure if I'm gonna use 'the curse' to get rid of him, I'd better get it over with - so I'm going to design, spin all the yarn for, and knit him a hooded poncho for his many long days out on the yard this winter. He's all trying to feign neutrality on the issue but I spied him looking this skein of yarn over with gluttonous eyes the other day.