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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mama got out the fireworks...

For some strange reason, up North here no one does their town fireworks on the ACTUAL fourth of July - ours are the following Saturday. It's one of those things I haven't worked up the nerve to inquire about, thus waving the flag of 'I don't belong here '(aka in Maine 'being from away') But it would seem that THE MAMA decided to provide her own little show of suspense and excitement of the explosive kind. But, don't let me get ahead of myself.

Woke this a.m. with a crashing headache and a need to hitch myself to the tissue box. The eyelids wouldn't open and the thick, humid air suggested another stimulating day of allergies. Then, it began to POUR rain. No pre-rain sprinkle, no tinkle, no tickle. Well, I may be wrong on the tinkle part but my hubster would cringe if I called it that. ANYWAY, with the rain sloshing down, we all realized that our new baby bunnies, just put in their outside hutch yesterday, might need to be covered up. Masculine Hubster immediately volunteered for the job. Upon his exit of the house, a distant rumble began to grow and in a matter of seconds, maybe a minute, the whole house went dark and white light accompanied by many sounds of cracking and sizzling filled the air but not enough to cover hubster's scream. Let's leave him there for a while, shall we?

Mom (me!) jumps across a dramatic 13 yr old who's dropped to the floor in a fit of panic, gently removes crying 6 yr old from her path, and runs to the door thinking, surely, poor hubster has been made a crispy bacon strip. MMMM. Anyway, let me stop to say here that I have let what seemed a harmless play of maleness spiral out of control. Whilst potty training two boys and building our own castle off-grid out here, I allowed and even encouraged (I wanted to be rid of diapers) peeing outdoors as I found that the male person derives much more satisfaction from peeing on a tree than he does in a toilet. Somehow, after securing the bunnies and realizing there was a need, hubster decided to take that moment in the pouring rain and impending doom to , well, whiz outdoors. The scream came when a cloud to ground strike hit and the whole ledge rock that our abode sits on rocked and shook and threatened terribly. Essentially, he was concerned for his own well-being, or that of his one, his own, his precious. Upon realizing it was still intact, and hearing all the commotion indoors, he ran in to let us know he was still alive and intact. Oh joy. Unfortunately, the inverter was not. It sat with blinking and twitching lights groaning and moaning like a ....well, nevermind. For you electric people, as I am so sure most of you are solar-powered (I am gullable) the inverter is the device that takes the power from the solar panel, and makes it good to plug things in. It is essential - and costs more than my last car! We dusted it out, prayed and chanted over it, and got 1/2 of it to work again. What a lovely day. Now it is hot as hell, humid and the joys beyond joys, hubster is feeling lucky.

I think I'm going to go light something on fire. Tissue, please.