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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Greasy Woman

calendulaThe flowers have been screaming at me for a few days when I do the morning chores, 'Hey, look at us, aren't we pretty?' In this heat, I just trudge on past and try not to roast my alibaster skin. But, today, these beauties said the magic words "time to make the salve". They are caledulas and when combined with the healing powers of comfrey and the soothing gel of violet, they will make a salve that will heal rashes, warts, diaper roadrash, burns, you name it. They also make a face cream that could shave years off any ole bar-hag (or otherwise run-down, tired, and twisted in the mind woman). So, tomorrow is supposed to be a gentle retreat from this five day stretch of un-godly heat and malicious humidity and it looks like I'll spend it greasing myself up and supervising the blender. There are worse ways to get your kicks, non?
Yesterday was such a heavy post that I couldn't dare include the suprising and ghastly twists and turns my life is taking these days. Thing 1 and 2 have gone on their first extended 'away' trip to visit a lovely family that we have known since we first landed in Maine - our hearts aflutter with dreams of the perfect organic farmstead. It has morphed, changed entirely, sat abandoned, and then been transformed into the imperfectly suprising not so cool hippie peace freak homestead but, hey, who's to criticize? ANYWAY, this family (we'll call them the D's because there is just no need to be rude) is very close to our hearts and I guess we are to theirs because they invited the kids for a whole week of horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, etc. Thing 3 and I agreed that a week might be too long for him to be so far from home (it is a four hour drive to their place)so he rode the pony while we were there and has otherwise been enjoying his first time to have his parents to himself. We're eating all kinds of sinful snacks, watching the Munsters that Netflix sent us, and reading 'Pirateology' and "Dragonology' through and through. It is kinda wierd without thing 1 and 2 and i miss them, but thing 3 and I are having a blast. The real surprise was that my dear friend, Mrs. D, is returning to medical school (go! I'm so proud of you) and, thus, will not be able to keep her small flock of Shetland Sheep. SOOOO, she's sent them to live with ME. oH the tortures I must endure! It would suffice to say that the shetlands and cotswolds do not get along but that is no matter as we have separate pastures for them and separate barn space. I love the contrast of the whole thing - huge horse-like cotswolds and tiny, princess stepping shetlands. They are so cute and because they've been raised on Mrs. D's farm all their lives and handled by kids and adults daily, they are great friends. Ruby, pictured here, is the matron of the herd and since we didn't want to pack them in too tight on such a hot day - we left the five largest ewes behind. She is very confused. As soon as we opened the truck, she jumped out and raced down the road so fast she left dust clouds in her wake. She's looking forward to the weekend when we'll be bringing the rest of her family home so she can finally rest a while.

The bunnies are doing okay, the three remaining seemed to have gotten through yesterday okay, but with much intense care. I wetted their ears every couple of hours and kept their water real cold by drawing it from the well three or four times a day. This is slightly disconcerting because I figure I spent a total of four hours on the bunnies alone yesterday which is cause for me to consider if I really have the time it takes to raise angora rabbits. I am thinking of cutting back to just a few of my favorites and think it over some more. It's not that I'm a brutal or coarse person but I don't even get to spend four hours a day with my husband or kids some days and I have to keep my animal friends at a level I can handle because, you know, hubster is working his tail off at a job most of the week. Anyway, all the wabbits are generally pissed at me right now so maybe I'm just in a funk. See, right before the heat wave of hell, I had to do emergency haircuts and, needless to say, could not take the time to trim them like little show-girls. They are abhorred and angry at the beauty school chop cuts I gave them, made only worse by the indignity of being dipped in a kiddie pool every morning and made wet. Think about it, they are just like cats and you fiber peoples know what I'm talking about - how much does your cat like getting wet?