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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What to do...when the animals are talking!

Things continue to get wierder and wierder around here. Funny, because our last netflix order was my turn to decide and I thought the kiddles needed a little dose of sixties tv so I got the Munsters first season. They thought it was great but thing 3 remarked, 'they're not so different, mom, I mean, look at us.' Ah, from the mouths of babes as they say - or any other mouth it seems. I swear that one of the bunnies grunted a f*** off at me when I took him out to check him over. It seems that three days straight of holding the grand kiddie pool baptismals at regular intervals has worn on his otherwise sweet nature. Hmm. I think I understand. I spent over an hour this a.m. trying to list some fibah on ebay only to find they are having system difficulties and, big surprise, so is their help department and, bigger surprise, on a day when they are offering a ten-cent (you go big millionaire boys!) discount on listing fees and, biggest surprise of all, on the very morn of their announcement that fees will go even HIGHER. C'mon! Already on a 10.00 sell I pay over 3.00 in fees! But, let's move on because if I keep ranting on ebay, i'll just move on to blogger and that could get messy.

So, the animal talk theme. I observed possibly the saddest and most pathetic exchange between our 300 lb. ram, Rufus (who stands with his back at my waist - he's a tall handsome curly hunk!)and one of the shetland whethers, Homer, who just came to live with us. Homer, see, was the family favorite at his farm. He's sweet, he's poetic, and HE TALKS. I kid you not. His mouth moves to and fro and he makes distinct gutteral noises that I can only assume are a language unknown to this farm-witch or, as it appears, to Rufus. Insert other whether, Oliver. I gotta say I'm not sure how I feel about Oliver - even if he is 1/2 merino/1/2shetland. He's strange and a little agressive for someone who's a mere eunich. I'm waiting Oliver out but he really miffed Rufus by rubbing his big horns on the side of the pen. See, Cotswolds have no horns so, obviously, there's an 'envy' issue there. Rufus commenced to stomping and huffing at Oliver which frightened him enough that he left the barn but HOMER stood tall and looked right square at Rufus and SPOKE. Who knows what he said but I would pay money to find out because the possibly 70 lb. eunich sent the big brute hauling out of the barn like a girl who has just seen her panties posted on the school flagpole. He stood, stunned in the pasture a good long while and when he re-entered the barn, he positioned himself where he could lay in the shade and not be seen by the small but brutal eunich. If only...the world really worked this way!

I'm off to try to reclaim the cabbages from the latest weed invasion but, speaking of speaking - here's a funny one for you. thing 3 turns 7 in about a week. You know how cute this stage is. They are reading, hearing, and trying their best to manipulate in the most sophisticated manner the english language which means only one thing, mistakes are more pronounced. We're working on past tense right now because thing 3 finds all the variations of past tense so frustrating. This morning, when I put milk in his cereal, he yelled at me to wait because he wanted to get some toys for 'watching' at the table and he wanted to eat his cereal immediately after the 'milk is porn'. Poured, I said, and he rolled his eyes and said, 'I know porn must be a word, too, mom - have you checked?' Someday, I'm gonna have to have a talk with that kid....