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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Karmic Bullseye

A few days ago (or so it seems),I completed my morning rituals of farm/kid care and sad down with my cup of coffee to see what Yarn Harlot was up to. Apparently, she was also enjoying the great thunderstorms and seemingly unending rain that seems to be the theme of summer - only she was on her bike - in traffic. I appreciate most about this genius of all things knitterly that she can so eloquently put into words what some spend a lifetime trying to explain - I believe she equated it somehow to a balancing of good with the not so grand or something. I immediately stopped to check myself. I mean, I was enjoying myself, had I been properly washed in misery or was my lazing about drinking coffee laughing with and crying for blog knitters everywhere just laying the groundwork for my karmic wave of not so grand? Surely not, I mean, my house was struck by lightning (which, I'm sure, only pleased some to near tears like - how ironic - struck by lightning. Sorry, folks, it is not the first time so there's little hope I'll pilfer any depth or meaning out of it)causing hundreds of dollars of damage to my solar equipment, my car has been eating our grocery money for a month now to get it ready for inspection, it is hot as hell's blazes and nobody in Maine has an air conditioner - c'mon, surely I gave at the office, right?

Some people are born to suffer. I remembered this yesterday morning when I hauled the garden cart and all my organic fertilizers, watering cans, etc. out to the 'big' garden to weed the cabbage on the one day it is supposed to be less than 90 degrees and not humid to the point of slimy skin. After hearing that little voice saying, "you should stop now, maybe have a little bit of water, maybe get out of the sun" too many times, I ignored it completely and twisted in some funky way to knock down weeds with the hoe while pulling the garden cart because, well, in my mind I'm still 23, firm, and muscles bulging on my arms and legs. Unfortunately, I'm none of those now and I promptly felt the sensation of my sciatic nerve clamping as my leg just fell right out from under me. The big garden is down the hill from the house so there was no point in trying to get help. Instead, I propped myself on the hoe and used it as a crutch and drug myself inside, where I spent the rest of the day in writhing pain, crawling to the bathroom because I am so superior I don't require dignity in this life. Today is better, though, so I'm sure I'm in for it. I mean, I can at least bend down to lift the lid on the toilet instead of having to ASK someone to do it for me. Kinda strange, though, isn't it? How that lid is up almost every day of my life to my horror and disdain - but, now, all of the sudden, everyone in my house has bathroom etiquette. ARGHHHH! Some days just bring the pirate out in ya, you know?