Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Organic Gardening, Living off-grid, and chasing sheep - because- I'm, like, NOT SANE!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The personalities have escaped, again.

I'm a tomgirl, no surprise to anyone. On any given day, my uniform consists of braids on either side of my head, a hat, no make-up, a t-shirt and a skirt. No frills, no thrills, just something I can chase sheep, weed the garden, curse the dog, and scare the children in. So, it was a bit wierd when I first began confessing to people that I bellydance - complete with the bangles, the bells sew into my veils, and lotsa make-up and shine. "You?" they'd say, while looking at me as if they just realized horns were growing on my head. yes, me. Now, I find myself in that same wierd place to confess that there is another sort of 'girly' thing that I do and absolutely love - I make little dolls. Mermaid dolls, actually, like her

Only, she seemed lonely and I hadn't pierced my fingers with the barbed needles I felt with yet, so I made her a baby mermaid. Only, the baby had nowhere to sleep, so I made her a shell bed. THERE! I said it. I also play with them, cuz, you know, I'm not at all well - according to this rabbit.