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Monday, July 24, 2006

MANIA - What to do when there's no beer or chocolate in the house

Sometime this weekend, we drove teh 3.5 hour drive to pick up things 1 and 2, the remainder of the sheltland sheep, and an old volvo station wagon for me. I say sometime because it was such a long day that Saturday and Sunday were quickly swallowed up. I elected to drive said car home because I thought that would buy me some peace an quiet time. The brakes, that were squeaking when I left but, hey, are you going to complain about a FREE car? - they kinda left town for good just when the rain started and I realized the radio didn't work. Let me just leave this without too much exploration (the graphic nature of which may offend) by saying that was a long effing trip! Then, there was the lovey 're-uinited and it feels so much like teenage hate' period of let-down when things 1 and 2 were reminded that we have no pony, no canoe, and no group of their long-time friends and that life here would be presumed to be returning to normal. Finally, drooling, I collapsed into bed last night and just before I drifted off to sleep, a math quiz popped in my tired but masochistic brain. Wait a minute....isn't hubster's sister (who we haven't seen in 12 yrs)coming next weekend? Yeah. And isn't the day after they leave thing 3's birthday? yeah. so, when exactly are you going to make him the following 'mommy made' gifts that he has asked for? No, he doesn't want anything bought from the store. He wants you to sew him a shirt just like his favorite shirt but with sleeves that go all the way to his wrist instead of the jolly-green-giant look he has with the one that's a whopping size 5 and you've been trying to take it from him for two years. And, he wants a mermaid doll. He asked for that last year but you were busy nursing his injured brother through an extended hospital stay in a totally different city. So, that is a must. But, his dragon got accidentally washed by dad over the winter and when his tears were pouring you pulled a sparrow and said, 'you'll get another one' and he's hinted only 567 times in the last month that a dragon would be a really nice surprise on his birthday. Oh, and you were planning to make a grand felted game for him sooo.....why are you sleeping?

I tried not to panic. I searched the house. No chocolate. No beer. Just a scary teenage girl around every corner alternating between a solicitious 'please mom, you're my favorite' to an 'I hate you, you.....(insert whatever horrifying nightmare you thought you'd never hear your loving child call you here - troll, old meanie, dog, etc)'. No...there's nothing for it. You just gotta don that manic artist costume and serve freaky things for lunch that are indicative of the fact that you no longer care for the pyramid or the dental bills, and this is what you get. here dragon, dragon And he's got a girlfriend, "aww!"

Now, I'm off to poke more holes in my fingers and then set up the sewing machine for some REAL fun. Oh! The salve. Yes, I will gladly post the recipe, uh..., in a short while. I used to teach classes on how to make salves, etc. so I know I have my measurements somewhere. I figure by Wednesday I'll either been done with the frantic gift making, be passed-out of the floor, or be accepting reality and starting to clean house for the company. That might be a good time for me to think about turning the blender on high and cussing as loud as I can!he and her