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Friday, August 11, 2006

Saturday Sky on Friday Night

We were really hoping the threatening clouds would not deliver. It would have seriously dampened (omg, I'm so funny)my playtime with the dye pots. I'd post pics of what I've been doing all day but you probably won't mind waiting for those when you see what the clouds did bring
In a gust of cool whispered wind, we were reminded that wood-chopping must be done. Autumn winds in Maine - life just doesn't get any more blissful than that. Top off the sky with the most exquisite dye job I know of - then double it for your pleasure. To the top left, a fainter set of rainbow rings. I don't know what it is about rainbows. And if you know, please DO NOT TELL ME - I'd like to go on believing
in what happens when we spot one in the sky. Similar in thrill level but altogether a different experience that spotting a hawk or eagle swooping down on the abundant summer bounty of prey - one of us goofballs shouts and waves their arms "Rainbow, look at the rainbow!" and everyone, I mean EVERYONE - from too-busy playing 'orcs' seven-year old to too busy reading or writing serious ten year old to too cool 13 yr. old, to 'always working hard' Dad, stops dead in their tracks and begins to drool or giggle, or just smile real wide at that beautiful mystery - the rainbow. It just makes all that silly sock yarn I dyed today look like dwarf vomit or something.