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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I am so uncool. Seriously. In school, I hung out with cool people, but it never made me cool. I dated cool people who treasured me because I was the only dork alive on the planet with great hair, green eyes, and a D cup at 16. I engaged in long, intellectual conversations to delve into the art of being cool....it just doesn't stick. So, please, knitter people whom I trust and love - see that i am not cool and help me out a bit! Because I didn't know it was talk like a pirate day, and because I was busy with the critters and kids - I missed out on the party. Just as well, I suck at pirate talk anyhow....hm...I hadn't considered that I'd need to TALK to him. More on that later....

What I do have are some really great kids and since that may be all I've got going for me, I've yanked them out of the closet and tickled them until they cracked smiles wherein I flashed the camera in their eyes and stole their soul image. Black heart, indeed. Really, these are their pics of thier fair entries in the Arts and Crafts competition. Ready? emma Here's Thing 1, with her horse (knit in brown wool) and her horse's rider (needle felted) which she designed herself. She knit and felted this awesome duo all on her own and for the sake of proving that she's 13 and no longer needs a meddlesome mother, I did not get to see them until this morning. Gaw, the way these people act - one might assume I'm a tyrrant or something!

gus2Onward, to thing 2. Now, first, a word about thing 2. He's a middle child. I was a middle child. So, it is hard for me not to see his plight most of the time. But, witness here the devious smile he quickly transplants at the sign of the camera taking aim just after mocking his sister and making smoke pour from her ears. That would be what my grandmother commonly referred to as the 'sh*t-eating grin'. He's holding his first ever oil painting project - a pirate ship. He's going to either be a great ladies man - or a great pirate. If he is both, don't bring your complaints to me because I did the best I could under the circumstances. Also, he does have a father, you know.

4henryThing 3 is always last because Nature made it that way. She also made him so darn cute you want to scream and foam at the mouth when he does something totally insane (like get himself stuck in a tree, or injure himself in yet another attempt to prove he's immortal)but you just end up laughing and hugging him and begging him to live longer than you. He also sports a first ever oil painting of his favorite wild creature, the lone wolf howling at the moon. Ladies, hide your daughters...this one had the nurses in the LDR room passing me phone numbers on account of his perfect design. Looking at me and his father, I wonder if there was some kind of mistake with the record keeping. Generations of good looks have been denied this family to simply pour down into one gifted soul who could talk your shirt off and leave you feeling guilty that you didn't give up your socks, too!

dinner bowlSo, what did thing 2 say to thing 1? While posing her and offending her in all sorts of ways, I failed to notice I placed my kind, young daughter in a mossy ring of mushrooms. thing 2 taunts from the 'waiting to get my picture taken' line - 'good, maybe the fairies will come and take her away!'. We're all full of family love here, folks. This mushroom was so cool, though, we took a pic of it. Like a little bowl, full of this morning's rain and with a fallen leaf to spice the brew a bit. So cool!