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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


grandmother purlI'm not a 'joining the club' kinda person, usually. It's not that I'm above such things - it usually boils down to the fact that I spend 90% of my life with my head stuck up my arse and the other 10% I'm too broke to participate in swaps and trading things. But, this time I'm really inspired. Crazy Aunt Purl, our Knitter/Cat/Real-Life/Astrology correspondent, has graciously accepted an offer to have us knitters make Grandma a patchwork blanket. To find out more, go here and then sit your butt down and knit an 8" square! This is the perfect type of 'giving' for someone with such a loose idea of time and space as I....something my 70's Tv generation-kid, warped mind can accomplish in an afternoon so I have some hope of doing it well. Besides, it gives me something else to do while I stomp around exhibiting symptoms of artistic rage throughout my household.

Last night, as I was sewing tablecloths, cuz- like you knew I would wait until four stinking days before the show to realize I need tablecloths - I was fondly remembering why I love my spinning wheel. No electricity. No lights flicker while motor groaaans and you're sure this is the last stitch this baby will ever make. No bloody fingertips (note to self, you shouldn't drink and sew even if it IS organic wine!). And, lastly, no baffling set of instructions to pour through trying to decipher from some ancient and foreign speech how to tuck a corner. Why not just say 'tuck a corner'? Is that too common or something? Why stick in all the fear inducing terms like bias, taper, etc.?

Clearly, I am looking for something to whine about. So, I'll scoot from this attempt to distract myself and avoid working like a dog today to knitting a square for grandma while I instruct thing 3 in the painting of his wolf (art exhibit at the fair), paint the sign for the booth, and read my new issue of Spin-off that came in yesterday's mail. After that, I'll eat lunch, price all my yarns, do all the laundry, polish my crystal slippers, and, hopefully, at the end of the day - someone will be kind enough to wipe the drool from my chin.