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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the Loot Sack

Here on the crazy farm, we are experiencing, hmmm. - how to say this, uh "holy sh(t, the fair is over and we're all still the same' syndrome. Needless to say, the critters are unimpressed by our stories of other animals and days away. They just want their poop scooped out, water buckets overflowing, and extra rations because they are sure that since we fed an hour later they got swindled somehow. Meanwhile, those hard-working kids I was bragging on last week seem to be under the impression that they are owed some sort of vacation from school and chores to recover from all the frolicking, drinking, and shoving maple candy in their faces that took place for the entirety of the weekend. It is left up to me to be the responsible one and coax everyone back into some sort of schedule so we may resume living and not begin to believe we are too important to shovel crap....feel sorry for me - or else!

pottery tradeNothing cheers one up like laying out all thier prized fair loot and drowning in imaginary riches for a while. Just as the show was ending, a beautiful couple approached me and we successfully negotiated my first bartering experience with other vendors. He's a potter (duh, like you didn't know this is pottery) and once I stopped clutching my mermaid yarn to my chest and shaking my head - I was totally flattered to have traded it (I miss you, mermaid yarn!) for these lovely jewels. I felt fairly smitten with myself until we got home and things 1, 2 and 3 started demanding food, hugs, and other ridiculous things. Clearly, the bandana and clear milk jug are not his work but are featured here because I totally love the Organic Valley people! Every year, they show up to the fair with their school bus and milk tanks and, get this, they GIVE AWAY MILK! to anyone and everyone. things 1, 2, and 3 look for them every year. This year, they joined in the 'toss' game and won said bandana and milk bottle. We always try to have something very affordable or free at our booth to give to the kids at the fair because, really, most of the stuff sold at the fair is out of the price range of many children. But, free? People, love the Organic Valley farmers! Not pictured here is some great salves and bath salts that I bought from Uhkomee Botanicals and let me say, they are so good. Smell good, feel good, ahhh. Try the Bac Rub if you are also aging and crusty and suffer from knitter's wrists.

shameless hussyNow, because I am a shameless hussy, do you remember this Mermaid Mama? I stuck her in the exhibition hall where she was fondled and judged harshly for the weekend but they gave her back to me with this pretty blue ribbon. Yah? I'd show the things ribbons but who the heck knows where their things are - I guess I'm going to be the one to find out when we spend the afternoon trying to find out what the floor of their rooms look like.

living proof Just because I'm indecisive does not mean I am a liar. So, since I said I would start showing some degree of 'umph' to work on a sweater with my dear Rabbitch, I have begun. Keep in mind that these yarns were spun up to 3 yrs. ago so, you know, they suck. but, I gotta get rid of them because they keep falling out of the knitting basket and because I need some 'work around the farm' sweater. You knew i wouldn't do burma rings, didn't you? I'm not really in a 'following a pattern' place right now so I am going for a long, sort of fluted at the bottom sweater with (ugh!) sleeves and some tacky fur collar thing that will prove, once and for all, that you can take the girl out of the South Texas trailer park, but you can't take away her aqua net, fingernail polish, or fake fur! Okay, I haven't had aqua net in years and my fingernails are stained naturally so they don't need painting, but the fur - ya'll - I gotta have my fur!