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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wherein the presumed trendsetter finds she is but a dweeb

Just a quick rant because, well, I have a cold which means I am grouchy. Also, the state of our world is so disgusting right now that it seems to have finally gotten me down a little. So, I started back to work on that mermaid sweater, because knitting is what you do when these worlds collide - either for inner peace or for the thrill of tying gobs of knots. Anyway, the mermaid sweater. Well, I had this BRILLIANT idea brewing - a yoked sweater jacket (because, people, I'm still not over my failure at burma rings and the yoke attaching sleeves to body and eliminating all that front-back sewing and nonsense was a BIG part of the romance). Whew! I thought I'd have something great to show you if I could just get to knitting it. I haven't checked some of my emails for over a month and, seeing as how that is also depressing, I decided to treat myself today. Somewhere around the first week of September, berroco sent me a knitbit with - fasten yourselves - a whole array of YOKED sweaters. When you psychic abilities lead you to no good ends - you must turn away and dull your senses with the surest, quickest means possible. Thanks to wollly-world - pina colada mix was on clearance so I guess that must have been a message from the netherside also!