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Friday, October 13, 2006


Happy Friday the 13th! Hey, let's all grab a chainsaw, machete (whatever!) and go celebrate! Okay, a little dramatic but as I am wallowing in the pool of pitiful despair - the drama feels appropriate. Don't worry 'bout me, though, it is likely enhanced by A) My incessant sobriety and B)My utterly disgusting lack of sleep and C) the fact that hubster will have worked over 70 hrs. when and if they unchain him from the mill and let him come home today. Throw in the fact that my mobile electric fencing has finally shorted out the last time and I have yet to have a morning here on the farm this week wherein I do not sip the tauntingly first sip of hot coffee only to discover the sheep are out and my little fence lies trampled beneath their ungrateful hooves...I wish a muzzle on every bastard who has laughed at me this week - the sheep only, of course, ya'll are allowed to laugh at me - encouraged even....it helps me stay one step closer to ruinhumble. All this being the one, the only, responsible adult (shut up, I am being as responsible as I can) the dog on the job around the homestead is wearing thin and there's no end in sight. Thanks to the sheep, though, I have a week of stimulating cheap and horrendous thrills on the horizon. I ordered NEW fencing (goulish cackles fly from her warty face) BETTER fencing. Oh, are my little petties in for a shock (I have never been good at puns). Check back next Friday and I'm sure I'll have tales that will convince you, once and for all, that I am truly sick.

So, what does a girl do when she's all work and no KNITplay? Well, I was all set to enjoy a heaping full glass of organic wine the other night when my dear thing2 reminded me that his day is due. See, about two years ago, I promised him a handmade, handspun sweater. I even dyed all the colors of the rainbow that he wanted and spun them up. Then, I got pneumonia and all but the minimum to survive kinda got shelved. The next year our luck did not fare any better. Anyway, in conjunction with being cursed heathens, we also have discovered that thing2 is in need of a new winter coat. For a NORMAL child, this would be no big issue...but thing 2 is very umm 'attached' to his clothing and, consequently, doesn't take change very well. He hates the 'store bought' coats because they are 'too poofy' and make his arms stick out like a scarecrow and because they 'swoosh' when he moves his arms and he doesn't like to swoosh. Trust me, the kids wears only one item of clothing that 'swooshes' and that is a snowsuit - even that only because he likes to play in the snow and doesn't like skinny, frozen legs. We searched the stores, searched the thrift stores, searched the ditch - but no coat will he wear. He seems to remember a promise that I made (remember, people, I had double pneumonia and was on oxygen for two months! I could have been insane!) in regards to 'knitting' him a coat. Knitting it? Why not just buy some wool cloth and fleece for the inside and SEW (read here that this can be done in two days as opposed to knitting the freaking thing which greatly cuts into my already unreasonable x-mas knitting fantasies) his little coat? No, a promise was made and he's driving a hard bargain because he knows I will not let him freeze. the rainbow coat A favorite sweater was brought out and this is the poncho/coat he fashions having knitted in rainbow and lined in forest green fleece, with a hood and large front pocket...get to it, mom. I am a damn sucker! I stayed up till 2 am and here's where I've gotten so far.....5-7 more nights of this and I'll be either dead or right back on schedule. Wish me luck or send me chocolate!