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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dear Santa (A letter from the Sunday Spinster)

When I was a kid, I used to write you sweet letters and bake you cookies (sorry bout the year I mixed up the salt as sugar - didn't know till morining). But, age and the care of other believing children, in addition to thankless tasks in honor of you, I might add - have hardened my demure spirit of old and it is what it is - I want a present. Firstly, I want a digital camera. Seriously. Every time I send someone wool, yarn, etc., they say, 'you need a better camera - your stuff looks much better than your pics do'. I agree with them but I also have to feed 30 sheep, 3 kids, too many bunnies, and my chocolate-addicted self so - I can't find three dollars to rub together - much less a fancy camera. should be rainbows Had I such a device, these 'Munday' turned 'Sunday Spinster' yarns would be more interesting. Those who read the blog would see a rainbow yarn in this pic instead of some melon that looks like it has been brutalized and someone put red lipstic on it and an emerald green beauty of 210 yds. per 2 oz. skein with shimmering emerald sari silk threads throughout instead of the shiny ball of rotted something that it appears to be. Moreover, they would see that these former multitudes of 'mermaid' batts all mixed together and spun to a nice, worsted wgt. single have many different shades of blue and green instead of appearing to be a fall into dimentia wherein everything is turquoisemermaid.
Furthermore, I must say that these sheep don't eat for free, Santa and, let's face it, you ought to understand that free-loaders who sit around patting their bellies all day whilst unsuspecting but loving people struggle to meet up to a promise in their name tend to not be aware of HOW FREAKING EXPENSIVE the holidays can be. Feel free to share some responsibility or just a camera, some cash, a running car with 4wd, or a Patrick Green Supercard. Seeing as how I have grown old waiting for you, though, I can't hold out too long. IMG_0003 To feed the critters, I must sell yarn and fiber. It would be better done if I could describe (pictorally) that this new colorway is awesome. Called 'Maine Woods' because it is what happens when you discover the TRUE season for spying the beauty of the trees and walk deep into a winter wood and look up....well, you get my point. For anyone who is not Santa, the other colorways I am putting out this week can be found at the farm blog.
Where was I? Oh, the cookies! I am still baking cookies for you, writing letters to you AND doing your bidding in general. How's about you finally get off your arse and pay me back, huh?
note to others on the 'been good' list - I don't recommend this, uh, 'aggressive' approach as anything other than experimentation. See, I'm doing the kind thing by sacrificing my chances just so you can see what happens!